Colour Themes For Your Wedding!

Put your best foot forward with your wedding pans and leap into 2013 knowing what’s hot and what’s not! Colours and trends are forever changing and it is hard to keep up with the fashions or to steer away from them in order to make your wedding day unique and memorable.

It is likely that you will have journeyed from one bridal store to another, collecting ideas for your wedding stationery, bomboniere, accessories and your bridal wear! Wedding colour combinations are of course a matter of preference and each couple will more than likely have a colour scheme that includes tones and shades that reflect their own personalities.

Here are a couple of the latest fashions hitting the wedding industry in 2013 …

Enticing Tangerine and Pink

Get the orange juice flowing with this exciting combination of tangerine and pink! From your wedding flowers to bridesmaid dresses there are so many ways that you can bring this colour into your theme, whether you go for subtle hints and the occasional drop of colour or go all out and make yours a pink and tangerine summer celebration that will certainly brighten everyone’s day!

Choose from orange roses and gerberas and red carnations in your bouquet, or go for a paper flower version in the brightest materials you can get your hands on. Don’t forget to add ribbons to your chairs and even wrap around your guest book, even the smallest detail will make for the perfect orange and pink delight!

Here is our wedding stubby holder suggestion;

Perfectly Pale Pink & Pewter Grey

This match of dusky colours will add a certain element of chic to your wedding. You can carry the theme from your wedding invitations through to your wedding gifts and bonbonierre ideas.

Rest assured that this understated combination will be a hit with any guest and more importantly these shades tend to suit most skin tones and so you shouldn’t have any trouble dressing your bridal party in matching outfits.

Here is our wedding stubby holder suggestion;

Beautiful Blue Willow

The willow pattern is a very well known, elaborate pattern used on ceramic kitchenware, namely dinner plates and bone china cups and saucers.

This theme can be used in several ways to give the desired effect – in winter teamed with some dark and blues this can add a feeling of warmth and on a summers day against a rustic woodland setting this might give a feeling of outdoor picnic, light and bright or can even be matched with a seaside theme for a truly unique wedding idea.

Here is our wedding stubby holder suggestion;

One Day Over the Rainbow

If you can’t settle on a single colour for your theme or even a couple of colours then why not go for a rainbow creation!? You could go for a hint of colour by keeping things plain like Black dresses for bridesmaids and then jazzing them up with funky rainbow accessories! Each girl could represent a different colour and the bride could have her favourite in her bouquet or a bright pair of shoes peeping out from under her wedding gown!

For your bombonierre ideas you could go for some branded products that are personalised with the bride and groom names in as many colours as you fancy, Coolaz stubby holders offer a range of designs for their personalized stubby holders where you can have a mixture of colours and even in dividual guest names to make a truly unique gift idea for all of your guests.

You can also add a splash of colour to your white wedding cakes and incorporate a multi coloured array of invitations, stickers, other stationery and continue each theme throughout all of your wedding decorations.

Here is our wedding stubby holder suggestion;

Happy Planning!


Seasonal Wedding Themes – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Wedding Ideas!

A couple’s preference for setting their wedding date might be dependent on a favourite time of year or season. Perhaps you are dreaming of a white winter wedding in the snow, or a bright and sunny ceremony on the sand.

Once you have decided on the when, it makes perfect sense to design your wedding theme to suit your personalities and the time of year! Here are a few tips for your favourite wedding season;

Summer Wedding Ideas…

Summer is the most popular season for a wedding, when the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful! Make sure that you book your venue well in advance to avoid any ‘Bride Wars’ style shenanigans!

For a relaxed and casual style beach wedding, choose a long flowing sun dress, kick off your heels and go naturally barefoot to your ceremony. Make sure that your invite states that ‘thongs’ and sandals are welcome and that you have plenty of water bottles in an ice filled bucket on hand at your hot beach location.

Hot, Hot Hot…

Provide some sun shades for your guests – grab individual umbrellas or parasols, these are available in a wide range of colours so you should be able to find something to match in with your colour scheme.

Make sure that you wear a foundation with SPF and keep your wedding make-up light and natural for that ‘beachy’ look. Don’t forget to wear SPF lip balm under your lip-gloss too or the Cancer Council offer their own range of lipsticks and glosses that carry a SPF 30.

Provide personalised sunscreen for your guests, buy your own bottles of a brand that you trust and then have labels or bottle wraps made up with your names and the date, all in line with your colour and theme.

Try to stay out of the sun before your wedding, that way you will avoid embarrassing red skin or strap marks on your big day. If you are after a bronzed look, consider getting a spray tan a couple of days before your wedding – make sure that you have a trial a few months earlier so that you know you are going to like the way that it looks.

Light & Bright…

When choosing your flowers make sure you consider types that can withstand the heat, like orchids or Calla Lilies or perhaps you could go for a seashell bouquet.

When choosing your summer wedding menu, consider the summer produce available, fresh fruit platters are a great idea and provide plenty of colour. When making your wedding cake choice, think light, rich chocolate cakes have become very popular in recent years, but lighter flavours will be best for summer.

Autumn Wedding Ideas

The warm colours of autumn can provide a spectacular backdrop for your wedding, with the leaves on the trees bursting with color and the orange and red hues from an Autumn sunset will make for some stunning photographs.

Be sure to look up the time for sunset and plan your wedding carefully around that so that you make the most of the day!

Woodland Rustic Country Wedding…

Theme or Venue

Choose a theme that matches the time of year, go for a woodland rustic country style with teal, duck egg blue and natural browns and coppers.

Decide on a venue where you can capture the essence of the season and its natural beauty, some great ideas for an autumn wedding are a vineyard, farm or botanical garden.

Autumnal Colours…

… ddd them to your wedding theme!

The weather will be turning cooler so choose a fur wrap, stole or shawl to cover your shoulders so that you don’t get cold, or you can go for longer sleeves on your dress.

Choose your bridesmaid dresses by selecting from colors that you naturally see occurring in the fall season – go for burgundy, apricot, mustard yellow, dark greens and warm browns, they will really help to reflect the beauty of Autumn.

Your wedding in fall …

There are also some stunning flowers that you can match into your theme, it would be better to consider flowers that are in season as these are likely to be less expensive – such as holly, amaryllis, daphne, iris, winter jasmine and cotoneaster. You can also include dark green leaves, or red berries to finish off your bouquets.

Design a leaf logo or pattern that you can include in your invitations, place name cards, wedding favors and bomboniere gift ideas – this is a really nice way to add a touch of the season’s theme into your stationery and decorations.

Winter Wedding – Frosty Ideas

While winterweddings are less popular there are many advantages to being a winter bride, the main factors being the cost and that it will be easy to book your venue with less competition for dates, but also the unique style that you can explore for your frosty theme.

Indoor locations tend to be the best for a winter wedding just in case the weather is not great. Traditional churches, grand hotels, reception rooms or inviting bed and breakfasts with open fires are all perfect for a warm and cosy wedding.

Fantastically Frosty…

The colder weather may mean you can choose heavier fabrics for your dress with a fake fur wrap, stole or shawl to cover your shoulders so that you don’t get cold, or go for a long sleeve gown which are becoming increasingly popular.

Some wintery colours to consider for your theme, your dress and make-up are purples, shimmering silver, icy blue, or pale grey.

Mmmmm Winter …

You can choose some great food for a wintery wedding – comfort foods, food that warms the heart, soul, and the stomach … you can serve some warmer foods to take out that winter chill.

Look for recipes that use ingredients such as cranberries, pecans, cheese, winter squash, cinnamon, pears, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Hot dips, stuffed mushrooms, olives, and hearty soups are also great idea for winter appetizers


Design your wedding cake to match your winter theme, use white chocolate or frosty icing to really add the final touches to your winter wonderland wedding.

Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is the traditional season for a wedding – the weather is warmer but not too hot for a wedding and it is a beautiful time of the year to say your vows.

You can choose an outdoor location at this time of year such as a vineyard or botanical garden with the blossom on the trees and their flowers in bloom, but also somewhere that you can spend the evening or reception indoors just in case the weather is still slightly unpredictable.

Springtime in bloom …

White wedding dresses are always popular and it should be warm enough for a strapless, or short skirted number. You could go for something a bit bolder in colour or with floral embroidery on the bodice or train, a splash of colour in a sash and light floaty fabrics like chiffon will reflect the spring light perfectly.

Spring is also the season when the most beautiful flowers are in bloom, you can have the pick of the bunch with some fantastic colours to choose from, consider stunning yellow daffodils, brightly coloured tulips are in abundance and paler posies such as sweet pea and lily of the valley.

Fresh look…

wedding hair springBe sure to go for a spring feel in your hair too, you can add a little flower to your up-style, maybe a frangipani, or some pink diamantes for some extra sparkle.

The sun can still be very strong in spring time so be sure to use a foundation with an SPF and add pastel colours for a fresh look.

Once you have said “I Do” and walk back down the aisle make sure that your guests have some seasonal rose petal confetti to throw, that will make for a wonderful photography opportunity.

Elements of the season…

Food at your spring wedding can be fresh and light, choose dishes with herbs and leaves for a garden feel. Fish, chicken or lamb for your main with seasonal vegetables, for your dessert maybe go for a light cheesecake or fruit tart.

Match elements of the season in your wedding cake too, you could try white chocolate, raspberry, lemon, orange and carrot, they are all great wedding cake flavours plus you can decorate with seasonal colours to match your theme.

Wedding favors for all seasons…

Whichever season you choose you can be sure that there are some fantastic ideas and themes out there to match, just make sure that you do a little research to see what the trends are and what is in season at your favourite time of year.

Don’t forget whichever time of year or season you choose to get married you will be sure to find a design for your Coolaz Wedding Stubby Holders that will match perfectly!

They can be stylishly designed to suit your wedding colours or theme and of our coolers are printed in full colour with a photo-quality finish. You can choose from one of our templates or design your own. For fantastic bonbonniere or wedding favor gift ideas you can personalise your coolers and even add individual guest names to double as a place card!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Weddings on a Budget – Ways To Save Money When Planning Your Big Day!

The Wedding of Your Dreams – on a Budget!!

Planning the wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to be stressful and certainly doesn’t have to break the bank! Use your smarts and delve into your creative side to help keep things simple and concentrate on the things that are important to you. Here are a few tips to help you keep a hold of your wedding plans…
Limit the number of guests at your wedding

Whatever theme, location or venue that you go for try to limit the number of guests you invite, a small wedding can be just as fun and often more memorable than a huge lavish affair – you will get to spend more quality time with your guests, it will be more intimate and relaxed for you and your guests. Plus small runs are no problem for us so if you only need a few coolers then we can help!

Choosing Your Wedding Dress – and keeping within your budget!

The Dress … This may be the most important thing to the bride and the one thing that she will want to spend a bit more money on – however it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Make sure that you spend some time looking though bridal magazines, borrow some if you can as they can be a little pricey, check out what dress types will suit your body shape and what styles will match the feel of your wedding. This will help you to narrow down your search and help to find those hidden bargains.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, why not find the perfect pattern for you and make your own? Maybe you have a friend that is into dress making too, you could collaborate to make the ultimate gown!?

Perhaps you have a family heirloom that your mother or grandmother wore on their wedding day? You could make a few alterations to give it a modern twist and have a dress that is one of a kind.

Check out second hand online shopping sites and the charity shops too… remember that a wedding dress that is for sale may be a second dress that a bride decided against that has never been worn, or a loved dress that was cared for and worn once! If you would prefer something new and off the shelf then check out the department stores – they often have a line of wedding dresses that are stylish and within budget. Another option is to rent your dress, this will save any worries about where to keep it after the big event!

Check out our recent feature about finding the perfect wedding dress and ways that you can match the style to your wedding stubby holders.

Savings on your Invitations!

With the changes in digital technology and the smart phone starting to slowly take over the world… you could definitely take advantage of that and save some cash. Why not take a look at one of the many design packages for your computer and have a stab at designing your own invites – you can then email it to those in the digital world and only have a few to print and send in the ‘snail’ mail. Plus once you have it designed you can send your artwork through to your suppliers to match your invite colours and patterns to your favors/bombonniere ideas. Consider

You could also consider creating a wedding share site, these are easy to manage websites where you can upload all of the information about your wedding plans and keep everyone updated with dates on your shared calendar. These are also a great place to upload your wedding or honeymoon photos after the event to share with all your family and friends!

If you want to send a physical invite you could go for something different, like creating it in the form of a magnet or stubby holder – something that will be kept and appreciated and not just thrown away after the invitation has been accepted.

Flowers for Your Wedding – Cheap & Cheerful…!

Have you ever thought of becoming a florist? There are some great short courses out there that will help to prepare you with the basic information about arranging flowers – that way you could organise your own and save yourself stacks of cash!

If you need to have a florist make up your flowers for you then maybe consider just one special bouquet for the bride, make sure that you set a budget and that you shop around for the best deal! Be careful when asking for quotes, unfortunately there are many businesses that will add premium prices because they are for a wedding!

Try to choose flowers that are in season, and inexpensive types such as carnations, daisies and chrysanthemums. You could also consider using fresh or dried fruit for your table decorations, they are also inexpensive and can look fantastic as part of a centrepiece design.

Affordable Wedding Photography – Ideas for keeping the cost down.

With digital cameras coming on leaps and bounds you could ask a family member or maybe a couple of friends to take some photographs for you? Obviously this can put a little pressure on the individuals and may take them away from the experience of the day, so it might be an idea to display the link to a digital share site where all of your guests can upload their own photos – that way you will get to see so many different angles! Or maybe a disposable camera for each table – they are always a blast when you come to developing the films!

Try contacting your local school, university or amateur photography group, they may be looking for an assignment as part of a photography course and would most likely jump at the opportunity of some extra experience and shots for their portfolio.

If you do employ a professional wedding photographer for the job make sure that you give them a clear list of the shots you would like, both the where and the who, that way it can be extremely organised and you can make the most of the time that you book them in for.

A Bargain Wedding Cake… Tastes so good!

The price you may pay for a wedding cake can vary depending on the complexity of your design, how much work is involved and how many tiers you choose! You could pay anything from $100 to thousands of dollars!

If you are looking to save some money on the cake then why not make your own! Take a look at some helpful videos you can find online, you can learn how to make the cake, ice and decorate it or even how to create a cupcake tower, if you can make it a DIY job then you will save so much money!

Maybe you have a family friend that is a fantastic cake maker; often the personal touch will make it taste so much better too! Alternatively, you could choose a plain iced off the shelf ‘birthday’ cake and add your own cake toppers to wedding it up and match your theme!

Hair & Makeup

“I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.”

If you are employing a professional stylist to make you look stunning on your wedding day then it is likely to cost you top dollar! Some hair & makeup artists will even stick around for a quick touch up between the ceremony and reception, but you may have to pay extra for this service. When it comes to weddings artists tend to use high quality products, something that will stay on all day and night, and the price will certainly be reflective of both that and the fact that more time is spent on the job as a whole.

If you are looking to save some cash why not do your own makeup and ask a friend to help you with your hair, it would be great fun to have a few girly nights to practice in the run up to the big day so that you can perfect your look. One of the girls could keep some touch up and hairspray in their clutch bag to be on hand if you need a little spritz throughout the day.

Don’t forget, beauty comes from within and you will be beaming with joy on your wedding day! All you will need to wear is your smile and you are sure to look happy and radiant!

Bombonierre, Gifts and Wedding Favor ideas on a Budget…!

When choosing your wedding favors and bombonierre make sure that you consider something that is going to give you real value for money and be sure to go for something that your guests will keep as a memento of your special day! There are so many items out there to choose from that will look great on your tables to match your decorations!

Choose something that you can add individual guest names to, that way you are adding a really personal touch and combining the gift as a place name-card so you will of course make a saving there! Check out some of our gift ideas including Coolaz Stubby Holders, Koozies, Coasters and Save the Date Magnets at

Choose a Destination Wedding – so your budget doesn’t fly away with you!

More and more couples each year are escaping the traditional big celebration wedding in favour of a smaller more intimate ceremony in an exotic location.

This can work out a little more expensive for your guests as they will have to go that extra mile to get there, but many resorts offer a full package deal so that you know exactly what you are getting and whether it will suit your budget?! You can also spoil your guests with a little gift on arrival or on the day of your wedding – Coolaz Stubby Holders are ideal as they are light weight and will pack flat in the bottom of your suitcase!

Don’t forget you can stay on at your destination for an extra week or so after your guests leave – that way it will become a combined wedding & honeymoon… and will be sure to save you some money!

Happy Planning!