Wedding Colour Ideas and Themes for your Wedding Stubby Holders in Cherry Red, Aqua & White.

Wow …! This is a red hot wedding colour scheme and with a vintage wedding twist, with this awesome combination you can create the perfect look for your wedding celebration!

cherry red aqua cream

The use of the painted mason jars for the wedding centrepieces is stunning in these red and aqua wedding colours! This too can be themed throughout your wedding, with a cheeky red cherry featuring on your wedding invitations, stationery, on your bombonierre ideas and even in your signature wedding cocktail..!

When creating a vintage wedding theme the use of lace embellishments adds a beautiful feminine touch. Also matched with a modern chevron pattern and in the contrasting red and aqua you can go wild when choosing your bridesmaid dresses and wedding attire – mix and match these colours to get a stunning look across your bridal party. Perhaps you will go for a subtle hint in the grooms wedding suits, such as a dark suit with an aqua tie and contrasting a red buttonhole.

Creating unique wedding gift ideas for your guests that also double to become part of your wedding decorations is a great way to not only wow your guests with a fantastic wedding favour idea to take home but also to save money! Design your own custom wedding stubby holders and create personalised gifts for all of your guests! Choose from one of the wedding cooler designs below to get started:

red polka dot aqua stubby holder  red aqua wedding ideas  chevron aqua red wedding colour stubbie coolers

Reference Numbers; 1) 33201434339, 2) 33201434054, 3) 33201434610

Happy Planning!


Shades of Pink with a Touch of Mint, Wedding Color Schemes and Ideas for your Stubby Holder Wedding Favours.

Adding a range of shades in color across your wedding decorations and ideas can add depth and variety to the look of your wedding day. This modern yet vintage wedding colour scheme will look stunning on your big day.

pink and mint wedding ideas

Pink and mint wedding colours work great together, see how in the above collage the contrasting colors of the succulent bridal bouquets against the pink bridesmaid dress and the hot pink roses stand out against the mint bridesmaid dress, you could even have a mixture of both styles for your bridal party!

Decorating your wedding tables with pink and mint mason jars as vases for your centrepieces and a funky wedding cake in mint icing with pink decorations can look awesome. When considering your wedding favour gifts for your guests why not work to a budget and order products that can double up as a gift and a name place card!

Coolaz wedding stubbie coolers will make the perfect wedding favour gift idea! They can be designed to match your wedding colour scheme and are a functional beer cooler that makes a lovely keepsake for all of your guests to take home.

Check out the stubby holder designs below for ideas to get you started;

1)mint coral wedding stubby holder2)chevron pink wedding stubby holder mint3)mint pink heart wedding stubby holder

Reference Numbers: 1) 317201411603 / 2) 317201411731 / 3) 317201412318

If one of these cooler designs work for your wedding colour scheme then simply copy down the reference number and enter into the design brief box when you hit the order now button below:

order stubby holders

Happy Planning!

A Calendar of Colour Ideas for a Wedding 2013

What Month is Your Wedding in?

You may have chosen a particular month for your wedding for a special reason, there may be a date that means something to you as a couple such as the date you met or the first time you had dinner together. Perhaps you have chosen your date due to the time of year and the weather or that you like the way that the sunset colours the sky in the summer.

For whatever reason you have chosen your particular month to get married, here our colour choices and favourite reasons, with flowers and tips to represent each month, in a wedding kind of way …

January Wedding Colours


At the start of the new year, think of this month as a blank canvas for days to come and for the rest of your lives when planning your wedding. With the scorching hot weather across most of Australia you will be spoilt for choice in terms of location and possible wedding venues.

The first thing that springs to mind at this time of year is the bright white sand and brightness of the sun to influence our colour choice. We have chosen Cream & White to represent January – for your wedding flowers you can expect to find carnations and snowdrops available and they are generally the most popular choice for January. Dress your bridesmaids in matching creams and keep things simple and clean for the whole event.

February – Bride to Be


For this month we have chosen Purple, you will find violets readily available at this time of year for your wedding bouquets and this is also the traditional flower of the month along with the primrose.

February in Australia is often one of the hottest months and purple is a fantastic colour to compliment any wedding party, you can team this colour with creams and whites for a light and bright celebration or choose a darker purple with shades of eggplant and plum for a more sensual and romantic setting for your reception.

March – Brighten Up Your Bridal Party


The first of March marks the beginning of Autumn in the southern hemisphere, this season brings us jonquils and daffodils which make a fantastic pair and add some bright colour to your wedding day, your accessories and bouquet.

To match the choice in flowers available this month we have chosen Yellow to represent March. You can match this with white and/or some leafy greens for a fresh look at your wedding celebration, a colour combination that would be ideal for an outdoor/garden wedding or any relaxed indoor setting.

April – Bold Wedding Colours


As the weather starts to get a little colder through mid-autumn we have chosen Fushia Pink to brighten up your wedding theme. You can have just a hint or go bold and splatter this beautiful colour all over your wedding.

Create a tropical array of colours for your flower bouquet with some simple multi-coloured sweet peas, and why not replicate these on your wedding cake too.

May – Create a Warm Ambience


As winter slowly creeps in, think back to all of those autumnal colours that you love! There are some amazing ways to incorporate some hues of Orange into your wedding day. You can go bright a vibrant or soft a subtle, don’t forget that you can mix this into your wedding attire, decorations and even your food or wedding buffet.

The birth stone for May is emerald, this colour can look great with the right tint of orange, you can also get some beautiful lilies to match these are in their abundance at this time of year and the apricot shades look great in a wedding bouquet with any type of yellow or green flowers for a warm ambience.

June – Choose Viintage Wedding Colours


For a winter wedding in June we have chosen Teal, this can be incorporated into your wedding bouquet, table decorations, buttonhole and more. With roses in bloom you can add a touch of teal using ribbons and even buttons like the image below, a great way to add a modern twist.

If you are looking for a theme to match this vibrant colour you could go for a vintage peacock style or add some natural browns for an organic feel.

July – A Classic Theme


With the birthstone of this month being ruby we have chosen Red to represent your wedding in July. As a bright contrast against the white of your wedding dress or iced cake a ruby red element would make a fantastic theme!

Why not add a cheeky peep toe of a red show under your dress or paint your nails to match your ruby red wedding accessories.

August – Modern Wedding Style


We have selected a Spring Green to match the stone for August, the Peridot is an intense olive green coloured gem stone that will be sure to add some much needed sparkle to your 2013 wintery wedding in the southern hemisphere.

Choose an exotic blend of spring green and white flowers for your wedding bouquet, these might include Paphiopedilums also known as Ladies Slipper Orchids along with some Lenten Rose, and Freesias. Spring green can also look great paired up with dusty pinks and dark purples – a wonderful combination for a modern outdoor wedding or to brighten up an indoor reception.

September – The Sapphire Bride


Sapphires can be found in a range of blue shades and this sparkling gem is traditionally the birthstone of Septmeber, so if you are looking for a colour to suit your wedding in this month then why not choose Sapphire Blue.

Maybe you can supply some Bombay Sapphire gin cocktails on arrival, or decorate your tables with personalised wedding stubby holders if you are having bottles on the day! Make sure that you go for a blue petal flower such as morning glory, most skin tines will suit a bright blue so you can rest assured that your bridesmaids and groomsmen will look stunning in this vibrant and modern colour choice.

October – Beautiful Bouquets


The birth stone for October is Rose – this can be reflected in both flower type and general colour. The name Rose lends itself to feminine influences and soft tones, for that reason we have chosen Coral Pink to represent this month in our colour chart.

Perfect for a classic or vintage style wedding, the use of Chrysanthemums and daisies in your posie can look fantastic. You could also add a modern twist by teaming your pinks with a Mint Green.

November – A Bohemian Wedding


For November we have chosen Copper this rich and luxurious colour would suit any bride and groom and formal wedding setting. You can even go as far as having the bride’s bouquet made our of intertwined copper wire for a really unique style.

When copper corrodes it tends to go a really beautiful bright green/teal colour, you could incorporate this into your theme using some of the ideas from our June section, perhaps if you fancy a bohemian wedding theme or vintage peacock style then this will sit nicely in the colour scheme.

December – Dare to be Different


To finish off the year we have chosen a classic combination of Black & White. Thinking of black feathers, dark chandeliers, vintage stripes and classic scroll patterns. From your save the dates, wedding invitations through to your bombonierre gift ideas you can team any black design against a white background to create a truly sophisticated wedding style.

Consider your wedding flowers, choose any white or cream varieties paired with blue-black privet berries or black jewels, you could also use white gerberas with black centres to continue the theme for your stylish black and white wedding.

If you dare to be different you could also go for a black wedding gown and dress all of your bridesmaids in white, a reverse effect that will surprise all of your guests!

Don’t forget with our digital print process you can choose any colour to suit your needs – Check out some of our design ideas to suit your wedding theme here:

Wedding Design Ideas

Woodland Rustic Country Wedding Styles 2012

Rustic Woodland Design Ideas

Rustic Woodland Design Ideas

Woodland Rustic Wedding Styles

Yet another trend for 2012 wedding themes brings us the Rustic Woodland Country look, think natural wood effects, shades of green, love birds outdoor settings and enchanting tree decorations.

To suit both outdoor and indoor weddings this woodland rustic chic can be carried across all decorations, bouquets and bombonierre! You can combine this with a country music theme or a barn dance style wedding for a really unique wedding.

Don’t just think brown … Shades of teal mixed with birds, twigs, moss and peacock feathers are the perfect complement for a rustic wedding.

Here are a few rustic inspired wedding designs for your Coolaz stubby holder wedding favours …

Vintage Style Wedding Coolers

Vintage Style Wedding Coolers

Vintage Rose Design Stubby Holders

Vintage Rose Design Stubby Holders

Rustic Heart Cooler Design

Rustic Heart Cooler Design

Rustic Vineyard Stubby Holder

Rustic Vineyard Stubby Holder

Rustic Country Design

Rustic Country Design

Trends for Your Wedding Reception 2012

2012 Trends for Your Wedding Reception

Being up to date on the latest trends is a fantastic way to get inspiration when planning your wedding reception. With the style for 2012 leaning towards Ivory and Taupe Colours and Vintage with a Modern Touch what better way to capture this at your wedding than with an accessory that looks vintage and feels modern.

We have chosen some of our favourite vintage design to suit this trend and with the online designer you can now create your own unique look for your Coolaz Stubby Holders to match your theme and wedding colours.

Vintage Style Designs;

Damask-esque Stubby Holder

Damask-esque Stubby Holder

Cupid Heart Stubby Holder

Cupid Heart Stubby Holder

Baby Blue Crest Stubby Holder

Baby Blue Crest Stubby Holder

Black and White Ornate Stubby Holder

Black and White Ornate Stubby Holder

vintage rose stubby holder

vintage rose stubby holder