Ideas for your New Years Eve Wedding Party Stubby Holders!

Here at Coolaz we simply can’t think of a better way to begin the coming new year than married, why not hold your wedding party on New Years Eve and start the year with a bang!!

new years wedding

Invite all of your friends and families for a party to end the year, this will be the BEST party you will ever plan and starting the new year as a married couple is the added bonus. You can certainly lay the glitz on thick and get away with the most lavish wedding celebration you have ever imagined.

Make sure that you have party poppers, streamers and party favours galor … on of the best sayings for your wedding stubby holders for this type of event would be “Eat, Drink and be Married” … when it comes to combining a New Years Eve party and a fabulous Wedding, this just about sums it up!

eat drinks and be married stubby holder

Make sure you are ready with fireworks, sparklers and paper canons to bring in the new year celebrations and with the double whammy of meeting as husband and wife on the first day of the year, lets face it you will never forget your wedding anniversary! A new years celebration is always an awesome excuse to break out some party favours and a wedding to have bonbonierre thank you gifts,combining the two is a great way to add some customisation and a bit of party flair.

Se yourself a new year wedding colour scheme to make styling your event an easy process, we have chosed a gold & silver glitzy theme, with a touch of pink. Grab some gold and silver glittery hats or sparkly tiaras and dish them out to your guests on arrival along with a gift bag of party streamers, balloons and the usual new year specialties. Another great and unique idea for your wedding would be to hold a masquerade ball with masks and feathers galore, you could hand out dress up gear at the door or make it part of your wedding dress code. Decorate your beer bottles in sparkly paper to glitz things up, or create stubby holders to match your theme.

If your new years wedding party has a casual cocktail style or is being held at a beach venue then consider placing your personalised wedding stubbies into a ‘show bag’ for each of your guest, or make it so that when they are not in use they are fastened around your wrist as part of a new years party outfit! This would certainly be a unique wedding favour idea and one that you can personalise to suit your event.

These coolers have been designed as wedding stubby holders, or …

If you have stumbled across this page looking for NYE party favour ideas then you can adapt any of these designs to suit your party favours and match in with your event theme!

Happy Party Planning & Happy New Year!


Last Minute New Years Eve Party Ideas!

Happy New Year 2013…! Last Minute New Years Eve Party Ideas!

So you are the host with the most and have been appointed NYE party planner for the celebrations this year! Whether this was a last minute decision or you have simply been caught up in Christmas to get your event planner ‘hat’, look no further than the Coolaz Team for some brilliant quick fix party ideas to get the countdown started…!!

1. Add some Sparkle to your night!

christmas stubby holders

Grab yourself some good old sparklers… generally these can be found in the party section of your supermarket or in any good party store. Be sure to wear gloves and use caution when waving them around, you could all try picking a letter (H.A.P.P.Y) and write happy new year in the air! Better to spark up when it’s dark for the full effect!

2. New Year Party Photographer!

Candid happy snaps are the way of the world with social media and sharing apps making it so much more fun to catch someone unawares! But be sure to appoint an official photographer for the night to avoid the “I thought you were taking some pics” scenario and the big event not being captured on camera at all…! Or you could grab a bunch of disposable cameras and hand them out. It is so nice to sit down in the New Year and look back at the memories and the moment the clock strikes midnight!!

3. Fancy Dress & Costume Party Themes

If your friends would be up for a last minute challenge and an excuse to hit the boxing day sales then make your NYE party compulsory fancy dress! You could make it an ‘anything goes theme’ or choose something particular to give everyone a starting point… such as a Masquerade Ball, Wear Pink, or Your Favourite Animal…!

I love the idea of an Op-Shop Theme, make it a requirement that the chosen outfit is purchased from a local charity shop, it can be a sensible outfit or something wild but no cheating the attendee must bring the receipt to prove their purchase!

christmas stubby holders

4. New Year’s Resolutions and Party Games

Maybe you are having a smaller get together with a close group of friends, then why not think up a few party games to get the laughs flowing into 2013! You could start by writing your new year’s resolution onto a piece of paper and throwing them into a bowl, take it in turns to read one out and guess who it belongs too. Games like ‘Celebrity Head’ are always great, write the name of someone famous onto a post it note and stick it on your friends forehead, they can then ask closed questions to which you can answer only yes or no to gain clues about who they might be! Great fun!

5. Personalised Party Gifts and Favours

So maybe you’ve picked a theme for your party and there is the perfect gift to match or you simply want to give a party favour to everyone that’s coming as a memento to remember their night into 2013! There are some great DIY party favour ideas such as named champagne flutes, you can use stickers to decorate each one with a name, or perhaps a number or edible gifts are always fun – 2013 cupcakes, cookies and biscuits that can be iced and decorated in your party colours!

Be sure to check out Coolaz party favour stubby holders, these can be personalised with each of your guest names and created to be any colour, any theme and any design to suit your New Year Celebrations! Check out some of our latest designs to get you in the mood for a party, don’t forget that all of our online designs can be adapted to suit your event or theme…

Design Ref: NYE001-Cosmic-Party.jpg

christmas stubby holders

Design Ref: NYE005-I-Rocked.jpg

christmas stubby holders

Design Ref: NYE003-Country-Fireworks.jpg

christmas stubby holders

Design Ref: NYE002-Sparkling-Colour.jpg

christmas stubby holders

Happy New Year!