Gorgeous Wedding Colour Trends that keep on trending: Gold, Peach & Mint

One of the hottest wedding colour trends for 2013/2014 has been this gorgeous, feminine and romantic combination of gorgeous gold with mint and peach or coral accents! We have taken some of the up and coming rustic wedding trends for 2014/2015 and added them to this pastel combo to bring that wow factor into your wedding day! Create your wedding colour theme from the bottom up and dress your girls in gorgeous shades of light fabrics for your bridesmaid’s dresses, if you are having your wedding attire made then why not use the same material for the guys and have matching ties and pocket handkerchiefs for the groom and groomsmen! The use of burlap, hessian and white lace can add a modern yet rustic twist to your wedding flowers too!

wedding colour combinations gold

A wedding colour theme should be considered from start to finish in the wedding planning process, include hints of gold, peach and mint in your save the dates, wedding invitations, wedding deocrations and in your bombonierre and wedding favours for your guests.

Here are a couple of suggestions for your wedding stubby holders to match this gorgeous wedding theme, you can even personlalise each of your coolers with an individual guest name to make cute place name makers and a decorative gift all in one …

Choose from the designs below to get you started;

1. WED-LABEL-001-225201414249

2. WED-LABEL-003-225201415205

3. WED-LABEL-006-225201415723

4. WED-LABEL-009-225201415951

Quote the relevent reference number.

wedding colour combinations gold stubby holders

When creating a vintage wedding theme with a rustic edge you can be sure to find plenty of wedding decor ideas and inspiration at your local op-shop, or cruise around antique stores to find some vintage novelties,trinkets and treasure! Features to include in your wedding table decorations might be brass and gold teapots, gold picture frames and mason jars filled with candles or fancy vases for your wedding flower centrepieces. Keep an eye out for the perfect wedding cake stand, some of the latest wedding cake trends will look fantastic on a vintage cake stand. Check out some of my favourites below…

wedding colour combinations gold

No matter where you choose to celebrate your wedding this wonderful gold, peach and mint wedding theme will look stunning, whether it be the outdoor garden wedding, beach setting or formal sit down wedding that suits, you can splash your venue with unique wedding ideas to amaze your guests!

Happy Planning!


Wedding Colour Scheme and Chalkboard Style Ideas for your Wedding Stubby Holders.

Vintage weddings and outdoor garden weddings and the use of chalkboards and white chalk pens to create a DIY wedding feeling is becoming increasingly popular! There are so many quirky wedding ideas that will look great from your wedding ceremony through to your reception.

chalkboard wedding ideas

For our latest wedding colour trend and suggestions for your wedding favours we have teamed some black chalkboard wedding ideas with a bright and funky yellow! Get creative when thinking about ways use of the chalkboards,from your wedding table numbers or names to menu boards or chair backs like in the collage above. Love the use of the chalk on the wall to create a beautiful wedding photograph too, this style of image can also be great for your save the dates and wedding invitations!

chalkboard wedding ideas

The use of the boards can bring that DIY element that you have been looking for with very little effort, and lets face it when planning your wedding there are plenty of elements to consider! You can also bring this effortless ideal when considering wedding favours for your guests, and like the image above arrange your coolers in a way that looks rustic and fitting for the occasion.

… Here at Coolaz we can help you to create the perfect wedding stubby holders that will be a great gift for your wedding guests and take the chalboard theme one step further. You can simply let us know your wedding theme, colour scheme or your favourite ideas and we will put the artwork together for you to match. You can personalise each of your wedding coolers with an individual guest name for a truly memorable gift.

Choose from the designs below to get you started;

1. WED-LABEL-008-122201414333

2. WED-LABEL-006-213201445903

3. WED-LABEL-014-213201445743

4. WED-LABEL-003-213201445516

chalkboard wedding ideas stubby holder designs

Happy Planning

Money Saving Tips for your Wedding – with Personalised Stubby Holders!

Coolaz Personalised wedding coolers will not only create a fantastic gift idea to hand out to your wedding guests but they can also help you with your wedding budget and actually save you money!!

When putting together design ideas we can make sure that your cooler design matches perfectly in with your wedding colour scheme and overall theme of your day. This will help you to stick to your budget when it comes to your wedding decorations as they will look great on the tables simply by themselves!

stubby holder wedding table decorations

With the option to be able to add an individual guest name to your personalised wedding stubby holders they can also double as a name card or place marker for a seated wedding, this also then becomes your bonbonniere and wedding favour gift idea, again saving you money!

Having an individual guest name on each stubby holder also means that the guests at your wedding will know exactly where their drink is at all times, one couple recently sent us a testimonial and told us about their experience and how it helped them to save money on alcohol at their wedding…

“…having them personalised meant a lot of the guests loved being able to relocate their drink after they had misplaced it! (also saved a lot of wasted alcohol!).”

personalised wedding stubby holders

If you like the look of the above design you can order it by clicking on the chalkboard wedding idea below, just let us know the colour you would like and any changes to the text:

– Names: Bride & Groom

– Mrs & Mrs Surname

– Wedding Date

– Wedding Location

new year wedding stubby holders

You can also be certain that your guests will be able to use their Coolaz stubby holder no matter which beverage they choose! Maybe they will use it as a beer cooler for a 330ml bottle and then decide to switch to the 375ml stubbies, no problem, with the adjustability our coolers are capable of fitting 375ml, 330ml as standard and even 250ml if requested!

This means that you can spend more time making sure that you get the best deals on your bottled beers, and other canned drinks and less time worrying about whether they will fit in your wedding stubby holders! Another money saving tip for your wedding!

Happy Planning!

Ideas for Introducing Modern Colour Trends into your Wedding Stubby Holders! With Watermelon Wedding Colour Ideas!

If you are looking for a modern twist or bright wedding colour scheme to create that something special for your big day then this wedding colour trend is the one for you. The fruit of a watermelon has a pinkish-red colour that is vibrant and striking, perfect for adding a touch of summer to your wedding. The contrast of the pink flesh against the green outer skin is simply stunning and can bring much inspiration to any bride and groom on the road to creating unique wedding ideas that will stun all of your guests.

colour ideas for wedding stubby holders

Creating your wedding decorations using this wedding colour combination will be so much fun, adding bright and funky tones to your wedding tables doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to incorporate the fruit itself but there are so many cool ways that you could share your love for watermelon with your guests on the day … Check out the collage of images above, you can see how one couple have carved their wedding date into the melon skin – this would be a great photograph to use on your save the dates and wedding invitations too! There are also some other ways that it has been incorporated as a delicious treat, int he form of cute canapes and watermelon slices on sticks with a heart cut out of them, very sweet!

Your can also splash this modern colour trend across your wedding attire, why not start with your bridesmaids dresses, using the pink/red as a bright and funky colour base, this will look amazing in any fabric! Make sure that you choose a neutral colours to match or perhaps you might use a cream or beige for their dresses and then add a vibrant wedding sash or some stunning wedding shoes to match!

When it comes to creating the perfect colour for your custom wedding stubby holders the options are endless, your design can follow the theme of your wedding invitations or be completely different to wow your guests on the day. They can have individual guest names, be part of your table decorations or even used as place cards – A great way to practically include your stubby holders and also make them your bonbonierre idea, a great saving idea too! Here are a couple of ideas to show you how you could incorporate this amazing colour trend into your wedding theme;

Quote Reference; WED-LABEL-002-1212201344657

watermelon wedding stubby holders

Quote Reference; WED-LABEL-008-1212201344918

wedding stubby holders

Quote Reference; WED-WORDS-001-1212201344509

pink wedding stubby holders

Happy Planning!

To Have And To Hold, To Keep Your Drink Cold!! … Say Thank You with your Wedding Stubby Holders!!

wedding stubby holdersQuote the corresponding reference number if you would like to order any of the above wedding stubby holder designs;


Make a note of your chosen design reference, then click below! In the design brief box let us know any changes that you would like to make to the stubby holder design along with your names and wedding date so that we can email you an artwork proof of your personalised stubby holders!

wedding stubby holders order now

When it comes to creating bonbonniere wedding stubby holders there are so many colours and designs available that often the choice can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you are after. If you have a clear set of wedding ideas and are looking for wedding favours to match you colour scheme then we have got some great options for you right here!

wedding stubby holders

When thinking about the design of your wedding decorations, stationery and bonbonierre be sure to remember that the formality of the artwork can reflect your personalites and help to set the scene for the type of wedding your guests are going to expect. Just as important as your wedding invitation wording, if you are having a fun and casual wedding then be sure to express this in all of your stationery, you can also do this with your wedding favour gift idea and we think that a wedding stubby holder does this perfectly!

Designed to match your wedding colour scheme and theme of your big day, whether it be a garden wedding, beach wedding or a formal affair, there is of course a style for everyone, we have put together 15 NEW DESIGNS to help you choose based on some of the colour wedding trends 2014. We have chosen one of the latest in trends for sayings to put on your wedding coolers to show you how they could look at your wedding … “To have and to hold, to keep your beer cold!”

Happy Planning!

Ideas for your New Years Eve Wedding Party Stubby Holders!

Here at Coolaz we simply can’t think of a better way to begin the coming new year than married, why not hold your wedding party on New Years Eve and start the year with a bang!!

new years wedding

Invite all of your friends and families for a party to end the year, this will be the BEST party you will ever plan and starting the new year as a married couple is the added bonus. You can certainly lay the glitz on thick and get away with the most lavish wedding celebration you have ever imagined.

Make sure that you have party poppers, streamers and party favours galor … on of the best sayings for your wedding stubby holders for this type of event would be “Eat, Drink and be Married” … when it comes to combining a New Years Eve party and a fabulous Wedding, this just about sums it up!

eat drinks and be married stubby holder

Make sure you are ready with fireworks, sparklers and paper canons to bring in the new year celebrations and with the double whammy of meeting as husband and wife on the first day of the year, lets face it you will never forget your wedding anniversary! A new years celebration is always an awesome excuse to break out some party favours and a wedding to have bonbonierre thank you gifts,combining the two is a great way to add some customisation and a bit of party flair.

Se yourself a new year wedding colour scheme to make styling your event an easy process, we have chosed a gold & silver glitzy theme, with a touch of pink. Grab some gold and silver glittery hats or sparkly tiaras and dish them out to your guests on arrival along with a gift bag of party streamers, balloons and the usual new year specialties. Another great and unique idea for your wedding would be to hold a masquerade ball with masks and feathers galore, you could hand out dress up gear at the door or make it part of your wedding dress code. Decorate your beer bottles in sparkly paper to glitz things up, or create stubby holders to match your theme.

If your new years wedding party has a casual cocktail style or is being held at a beach venue then consider placing your personalised wedding stubbies into a ‘show bag’ for each of your guest, or make it so that when they are not in use they are fastened around your wrist as part of a new years party outfit! This would certainly be a unique wedding favour idea and one that you can personalise to suit your event.

These coolers have been designed as wedding stubby holders, or …

If you have stumbled across this page looking for NYE party favour ideas then you can adapt any of these designs to suit your party favours and match in with your event theme!

Happy Party Planning & Happy New Year!

Craft Beers, Breweries and making the most of your Promotional Stubby Holders!

After recently attending Beers by the Bay an event held each year at the Mornington Racecourse, conveniently located near to the Coolaz factory, it dawned on us that more and more people are turning their hand away from the traditional stubby and onto a micro brewed beauty-of-a-beer!

promotional stubby holders

The event saw local Victorian breweries such as the Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Red Hill Brewery and Prickly Moses pouring their offerings into the glasses of beer enthusiasts and keen critics. Along with some bigger names like Crabbies and Kopparberg bringing their brews of ginger beer and cider to tempt us in a sweeter direction. Crabbies Ginger Beer trying the hardest with their new advertising campaign ‘say goodbye to cider’…!

You could also grab yourself a beer recipe and home brew kit from Brew Smith and purchase bottled versions from most breweries as takeaways for consumption after the event! The trend, it seems is for the modern movement of the craft beer to be bottled into a 330ml sized vessel, which is music to the ears of a Coolaz team member, as we pride ourselves on the fact that our customisable stubby holders are capable of fitting 375ml and 330ml bottles as standard! As you can see the Beers by the Bay team also took advantage of this and added us to their event merchandise stand for a second year running! Cheers guys!

promotional stubby holders

Customised stubby holders for craft beers are a fantastic merchandise idea for events like this, but also for the breweries to promote themselves. Beer promotional merchandise is a great way for microbreweries to not only make some extra revenue to put towards their next brew, but also as a promotional product that will create word of mouth and ‘in-hand’ brand awareness!

If you consider the sensible functionality of a stubby holder as a promotional product for a brewery you will clearly see the value of being able to spread your message by using an item that is placed directly into the hand of your target audience, and onto a product that is useful to that user and relevant to the drinks market. Essentially creating a business card, that is a cooler and an advert, wrapped around your beer… the perfect marriage of a beer cooler to a beer drinker with the brewer as your witness!!

There are many neat tools available that allow you to make the most of your promotional stubby holders too, for example our high quality printing allows us to be able to easily print QR codes onto your coolers. These codes are becoming more visible and are a great way to create a call to action and/or to push people to a website. They can also be used as a marketing tool to track your visitors and the success of your campaign and promotional product.

band merchandise

Perhaps you are a musician or band that plays live at events such as beers by the bay and are looking for an inexpensive merchandise idea to get your name out there. The great thing about Coolaz coolers is that there is no minimum order quantity and so you can purchase a small amount to get you off the ground, we can also print several designs across your volume so that you can include your favourite band shot on one design and your album artwork on another, thus getting more bang for your buck!

Coolaz stubby holders can also make great personalised gift ideas for a special occasion or personal event such as a birthday bash, wedding celebration, engagement party or your hens & bucks parties! We have hundreds of design ideas on our website or you can send through your requirements and our design team will create a unique design to suit your special occasion!

For the beer lover they can also be a great idea for a blind tasting!! Whether at a party, event or just for fun you can design your own coolers to use as an outer layer, not only to keep your beer at the perfect temperature but also to disguise the bottle or can so that there is no cheating when trying to guess which beer is which, a great party game for any event!

For more information about promotional stubby holders or customised stubbies for your event please contact the Coolaz Team – 03 5976 8600 or email coolaz@coolaz.com.au

Happy Brewing!