Unconventional Ideas for a Hens Party!

Unconventional Hens Party Ideas

For most brides-to-be the planning of your hen’s night will be left in the hands of your bridesmaids and close girlfriends. In the back of your mind you will more than likely be imagining a ‘typical’ hens night filled with cringe-worthy outfits, copious amounts of alcohol, a list of dares that you will want to forget, and photographic evidence of you with shirtless waiters that you will also want to destroy!

Hen Party Ideas

Some approriate style stubby holders for this type of hens might be like these…

Design Reference Number: DP-TRAD-HENS-001

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Design Reference Number: DP-TRAD-HENS-002

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Design Reference Number: DP-TRAD-HENS-003

wedding stubby holders

Your hen’s party should really be a night of freedom to do whatever you please, to let your hair down, go crazy and celebrate your last days as a singleton! If you are not the most conventional of brides then make sure you put your foot down and offer up some ideas for a hen night and be clear about exactly what you would like to do for your hens celebration (and of course a list of the things that you don’t want to do!)


In short Glamorous-Camping is a fantastic way to experience the fun of the outdoors without giving up your creature comforts! Grab a bunch of girls that you know will be keen to get involved and make your hens night away one to really remember!

Wedding Stubby Holders

Wherever you choose in location for your glamp site, with the increase in popularity the options vary from luxury to simplistic, with or without amenities and equipment. Dig deep to find the perfect setting for you and your girls. Swap your swag for a vintage inspired gypsy caravan or maybe a boho style bell tent decorated with bunting would suit what you are after – failing that you could always go DIY and create the perfect camping wonderland in your own secret spot.

Put up a few ‘no boys allowed’ signs and arrange outdoor hen night games like croquet, boules, wedding style mad libs or even woodland twister! Finish the night off with a meal cooked up in a camp oven followed by drinks around the campfire … Perfect for a girls night out!

Design Reference: DP-Glamping01

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Design Reference: DP-Glamping02

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Design Reference: DP-Glamping03

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Design Reference: DP-Bride-Glamping-Team

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Makeover & Photoshoot

If you fancy a bit of glitz and glamour and a stylish way to get the girls together for your hens celebrations then a makeover and photo shoot would be perfect!

Hen Party Ideas

A fantastic idea that will create a complete experience for you and your hens! Gather the girls together for champagne and refreshments then have your hair and makeup completed by a group of professionals and head into the studio for your glamorous hen’s photo-shoot! Check out the Runway Room or the Bachelorette Photoshoot in Melbourne for more ideas.

Once you have had your celebrity moment you could head into the city for a spot of dinner to finish your hens night in Melbourne. At the end of the day you will have a set of gorgeous memories and photographs from your hens night that you can share for years to come and not an album of shockers that you will have to try and hide from your groom, lol !

Murder Mystery Evening

Whether you go for a DIY hen’s party kit or an organised event, a murder mystery dinner party will be something really different to do on your hens night!
Choose your friends wisely and watch out… as one of them might be there to stab you in the back! Surround yourself with like-minded gals on your hens night that will be up for a laugh and a spot of fancy dress. You can dish out your hen night invitations beforehand with secret instructions about who each player in the game should be.

Hen Party Ideas

Make sure if you are hosting the mystery yourself to read the host instructions well in advance. They’ll typically provide ideas for your menu, decorations, costume ideas and brief character bios to give you an idea of who to assign which characters. But if you plan to join in the game (most box games allow the host to play too), don’t read the full character guides ahead of time or you’ll spoil the mystery for yourself!

A great way to keep the theme going throughout the night, create a custom design for your murder mystery hens night coolers:

Design Reference Number: DP-MURDMYST-HEN-001

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Design Reference Number: DP-MURDMYST-HEN-002

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Design Reference Number: DP-MURDMYST-HEN-003

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Paintball – Bridesmaid Style!

Not for the feint hearted this is the ultimate in adventure playground for an alternative hen night party!

Why not ‘wedding it up’ and head off on an op-shop spree, search through the trash and treasure for the worst bridesmaid dresses that you can find, wear them on the playing field and you have your very own hens trash the dress – paintball style!

Hen Party Ideas

If you are completely going against the grain then this would be a great place to have a joint bucks or stag and hen party, consider it the final shoot down before your hen signs up to happily ever after!

Finishing your hen’s day with a few well-earned drinks is a must and as a thank you gift for all those that came along, here are a couple of colourful hens party stubby holder suggestions to help…

Design Reference Number: DP-PAINTBALL-HENS-001

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Design Reference Number: DP-PAINTBALL-HENS-002

Hen Party Stubby Holders

Happy Planning!

Organising a Hens Night, Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower – Tips and Ideas!

Organising a Hens Night, Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower??

What will you choose?

Learn about the differences between the types of celebration and how you can make your party choice extra special for the bride to be and all the girls!

A bachelorette party, hens party, hens night or hen do, is a party held in honour of the bride to be. The terms hen party, hen do or hen night are common in the United Kingdom and Ireland, while the terms hens party or hens night are common in Australia and New Zealand. The term bachelorette party is widely used in the United States and Canada. This event may also be referred to as a girls’ night out or kitchen tea – but ultimately this is an occasion arrange for the bride to be to celebrate her last days of ‘freedom’ in the run up to her wedding day!
Hens / Bachelorette Party

Traditionally this party will be organised by the maid of honour and the bridesmaids – notoriously branded as a night of drunken debauchery the hens or bachelorette can vary in its theme and choice of entertainment.

Dare the Bride

… a bit of fun!

Hens Night Stubby HoldersWhat you ultimately decide to do at your party depends on the bride’s lifestyle, the age of those attending, and the area in which you live. It is important to make this a night to remember, a chance for all of the girls to let their hair down and have some fun!

It is a fantastic time to typically ‘dare the bride’ – you could make a list of questions and dares for the hen to compete throughout the night. It is a great idea to print these onto your personalised koozies as part of a party game!

Hens, Bachelorette, Bridal Shower – The Entertainment!

Hens night entertainment

Karaoke hens nightKaraoke is always a blast and can be a superb ice breaker too!

Get the bride up first to sing ‘white wedding’ or ‘girls just wanna have fun’ or go as a group if you’re a little shy at the beginning! You could also consider some caberet or go to a drag show for a few smiles and giggles!

Whatever entertainment is planned, the organiser should make sure that it will not embarrass or humiliate the honouree or any of the guests!

However, there is no harm in a little fun and often on a girls night out the organiser might arrange a male stripper or it is becoming increasingly popular to have some fun with all the girls at a pole dancing party!

The Formal Bridal Shower!

The bridal shower is a more formal pre-wedding event; this is an occasion for close family and friends of the bride to spend some relaxed time with her before the big day.

It’s a time for sharing funny stories, giving advice to the bride, and for all the girls to ‘shower’ her with gifts and  support. A bridal shower is commonly organised by the maid-of-honour and bridesmaids, quite often this can be arranged as a surprise so that the bride really does feel special!
Girls Only… ?!
Bridal Showers are traditionally a ‘girls only’ event, however in recent times it is becoming more common for this to be a couple’s party, often referred to as a “Jack and Jill Shower”.

Any time of day is acceptable for a bridal shower however they would normally be held in the afternoon.

Avoid the stress of a traditional shower…
Spa Bridal ShowerThe traditional shower can be held at a home, in a bar or restaurant. However, it is becoming increasingly common for shower planners to choose activities instead – such as, taking the bride out for a shopping spree, bowling bonanza, relaxed day at the spa or a winery tour to avoid the stress of a formal party.

If the couple decide on a joint Jack and Jill venture then this can be completely relaxed with a beach barbecue or party in the park.
Themes for your shower…
Some popular themes for bridal showers include lingerie, kitchen tea party, around the clock, spa and beauty or travel and honeymoon.

You could even go for a Paris theme like in the film ‘Bridesmaids’ – but maybe not quite as over the top 🙂


Bridal Shower, Bachelorette or Hens Party – The Rules!

There are some general rules to follow when arranging your pre-wedding event;

– Consider the brides personality when arranging the celebration, make sure that you try not to plan something that she will disapprove of or simply not enjoy, after all this is her day!

– Don’t invite guests to the shower who have not been invited to the wedding – that could be awkward!

– Don’t forget to give out party favors to all of the guests. These can be traditional favours such as small boxes of candy. Or they can be something a little different that relates to the theme of the shower such as personalised koozies, or charms for a cocktail or drinks party.

– Party games are a great way to break the ice, especially if a large number of the guests don’t already know each other.

– With bridal shower gifts, (if this is not a surprise) you could encourage the bride to sign up for a gift registry. With so many couples living on their own before getting married, it can be really difficult to decide what to get, make sure that the bride is mindful of people’s budgets when choosing her list.

And remember, you don’t have to simply go for one of the other. When organising the celebration for the bride-to-be you might want to choose a bridal shower as a daytime event and include mother of the bride, mother in law and other mature relatives. That way you can have the wild night out with the girls on a separate occasion and make sure that everyone is included.

Good luck and happy planning.

Hens Night Ideas – New Trends for 2012!

Inspired by a Cosmo Bride article full of planning tips and trendy places to go with the girls, we thought it only fair that we too share some ideas for the ultimate Hens Party this year!!

Here are our design ideas for the Top 5 Themes with a little Coolaz twist…

French Fancy

Bring a little bit of Paris down under with a high tea fit for a French princess. Inspired by cupcakes, macaroons, and all things sweet! Here’s some food for thought:

Macaroon Hens Party Stubby Holders

French Paris Stubby Holder

French Paris Stubby Holder

Alfresco Affair

Picnics are back – for the best Hens’ Picnic be sure to include lots of bubbles, cheese, salads, desserts and more! and your picnic inspired Coolaz Stubby Holders of course:

Gingham Picnic Stubby Holder

Gingham Picnic Stubby Holder

Champagne picnic stubby holder

Champagne picnic stubby holder

Destination: Hen’s Party

Planning to get away for a Hen’s holiday or weekend? Then pack up your chicks and head to a Beach Resort or an International Destination for some shopping, partying and fantastic nights out. Some destination inspired designs to help with your decision:

Las-Vegas Stubby Holder

Bali Stubby Holder

Bali Stubby Holder

Naughty by Nature

A hen’s party wouldn’t be a hen’s party without a certain level of debauchery. Leave your inhibitions at home for a wicked night out or bring them with you for a naughty girl’s night in. Some cheeky designs to get the fun started:

SexyBoy Stubby Holder

SexyBoy Stubby Holder

Buff Man Stubby Holder

Buff Man Stubby Holder

Chill-out time

If pampering is what you need, then that’s what you’ll get! You and the girls can head off for some relaxation and self-indulgence! Here’s a few ideas inspired by a say at the Spa:

Hens Spa Stubby Holder

Hens Spa Stubby Holder

Hens Spa Stubby Holder

Hens Spa Stubby Holder

Enjoy 🙂