Craft Beers, Breweries and making the most of your Promotional Stubby Holders!

After recently attending Beers by the Bay an event held each year at the Mornington Racecourse, conveniently located near to the Coolaz factory, it dawned on us that more and more people are turning their hand away from the traditional stubby and onto a micro brewed beauty-of-a-beer!

promotional stubby holders

The event saw local Victorian breweries such as the Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Red Hill Brewery and Prickly Moses pouring their offerings into the glasses of beer enthusiasts and keen critics. Along with some bigger names like Crabbies and Kopparberg bringing their brews of ginger beer and cider to tempt us in a sweeter direction. Crabbies Ginger Beer trying the hardest with their new advertising campaign ‘say goodbye to cider’…!

You could also grab yourself a beer recipe and home brew kit from Brew Smith and purchase bottled versions from most breweries as takeaways for consumption after the event! The trend, it seems is for the modern movement of the craft beer to be bottled into a 330ml sized vessel, which is music to the ears of a Coolaz team member, as we pride ourselves on the fact that our customisable stubby holders are capable of fitting 375ml and 330ml bottles as standard! As you can see the Beers by the Bay team also took advantage of this and added us to their event merchandise stand for a second year running! Cheers guys!

promotional stubby holders

Customised stubby holders for craft beers are a fantastic merchandise idea for events like this, but also for the breweries to promote themselves. Beer promotional merchandise is a great way for microbreweries to not only make some extra revenue to put towards their next brew, but also as a promotional product that will create word of mouth and ‘in-hand’ brand awareness!

If you consider the sensible functionality of a stubby holder as a promotional product for a brewery you will clearly see the value of being able to spread your message by using an item that is placed directly into the hand of your target audience, and onto a product that is useful to that user and relevant to the drinks market. Essentially creating a business card, that is a cooler and an advert, wrapped around your beer… the perfect marriage of a beer cooler to a beer drinker with the brewer as your witness!!

There are many neat tools available that allow you to make the most of your promotional stubby holders too, for example our high quality printing allows us to be able to easily print QR codes onto your coolers. These codes are becoming more visible and are a great way to create a call to action and/or to push people to a website. They can also be used as a marketing tool to track your visitors and the success of your campaign and promotional product.

band merchandise

Perhaps you are a musician or band that plays live at events such as beers by the bay and are looking for an inexpensive merchandise idea to get your name out there. The great thing about Coolaz coolers is that there is no minimum order quantity and so you can purchase a small amount to get you off the ground, we can also print several designs across your volume so that you can include your favourite band shot on one design and your album artwork on another, thus getting more bang for your buck!

Coolaz stubby holders can also make great personalised gift ideas for a special occasion or personal event such as a birthday bash, wedding celebration, engagement party or your hens & bucks parties! We have hundreds of design ideas on our website or you can send through your requirements and our design team will create a unique design to suit your special occasion!

For the beer lover they can also be a great idea for a blind tasting!! Whether at a party, event or just for fun you can design your own coolers to use as an outer layer, not only to keep your beer at the perfect temperature but also to disguise the bottle or can so that there is no cheating when trying to guess which beer is which, a great party game for any event!

For more information about promotional stubby holders or customised stubbies for your event please contact the Coolaz Team – 03 5976 8600 or email

Happy Brewing!


Band Names, Logos and Ideas for Promotional Merchandise!

If you and your mates are starting a band the first thing to consider is the sheer statement that you will make with the name that you choose and how you will be represented by your logo design! Perhaps you have some ideas or are a fan of a particular icon, style or image and can create a name based around that? Maybe there is a certain phrase or meaning of a name that will spark some interest or failing that you can always hop onto a name generator website – I tried this out today and got some pretty Cool-az results for our potential company band … my top five:

Coolaz Nation And The Fixed Sign
Coolaz Impulse
Coolaz Skank And The Dump
Cranking Coolaz And The Grenades
Coolaz Of Aftermath – for our death metal band 🙂

For all music artists the name they choose will be very important, not only will this represent who they are and what they’re about but it will also be how they are recognised and will form a link to their music and the basis of their celebrity status! This should all be brought to the table when designing a band’s logo or merch design, take the Rolling Stones iconic lips and tongue or Jamiroqui’s indian buffalo hat silhouette – these designs certainly hold their own in the music industry, no need for text, slogans or even the band’s name, whenever you see these logos you know exactly who they belong too.

promotional coolers

Then there are those designs that cleverly use the band name as a hook for their entire logo, it is amazing how a single font like Bootle font used in The Beatles logo or Squealer font for ACDC can be so familiar and how the arrow symbol with custom font for The Who go hand in hand, all recognised by music buffs all over the world…!

band merch

These logos and symbols will be plastered all over the bands promotional merchandise including rock clothes, printed tees, band shirts, CD covers and gifts like pens, mugs and promotional stubby holders! All great ideas to help raise some extra funds for the band’s next gig or to buy the drinks for the after party!

Stubby holders are a true Australian product that most bands and artists will consider purchasing as part of their merchandise for sale to their fans. Generally the bog-standard type of stubby holder can be a little drab and sometimes unexciting as band merchandise, however, when you add a little bit of a Coolaz twist and make the most of the neat tools available you can create the ultimate in merch with a fantastic Coolaz drink holder that will be sure to be high in demand!

With youtube taking the world by storm and the rise in social media you really should make the most of this when designing your merchandise, you can engage your fans by printing QR codes that link direct to your facebook page or online videos posted to youtube or your gig guide printed in an online music mag. You can also make these promotional codes unique, ideal for competitions, exclusive tickets and giveaways or simply for pushing your fans to a particular part of your website, myspace or facebook page!

merch coolers

With full colour digital printing you can give your merchandise a vibrant and modern look, take advantage of the fact that you can include photographs of your band rocking out on stage or crowd surfing! With the protective matt laminate on the surface of the coolers they can be written on with a permanent marker pen making a fantastic signable fan memento! Plus with them coming to you flat they are ideal for transporting when you have limited room on your tour bus.

Perhaps you could even take a leaf out of Eddie Vedder’s book and print a different design for each venue you play, like he did with posters for his solo tour around Australia in 2011, a great way to give your fans a truely unique keepsake from your tour or individual gig!

We fully understand the pressures of touring and have developed a fast turnaround service that will help you if you need more band merchandise quickly. So if you sell out fast you can just give us a shout, we’ll not only make them super fast for you but will also ship direct to your next venue so that you can pick them up when you arrive!

promo stubbies
Email your logo and ideas to for a quote and more information about Coolaz promotional stubby holders!

Rock on!

April 2012 – April Fools, Easter and Anzac Day!

What has April 2012 got in store for us…

1st April Fool’s Day
April Fools Day, sometimes called All Fools Day, is a day of mixed and unknown origin. Yet, most of the western world knows this is a day set aside for good hearted pranks, hoaxes, gags, and giggles!

April Fools Design

April Fools Design

6th-9th April – Easter
According to the gospel, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Day or Easter Sunday (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday). The chronology of his death and resurrection is variously interpreted to have occurred between AD 26 and 36.
Easter marks the end of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. The last week of the Lent is called Holy Week, and it contains Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter is followed by a fifty-day period called Eastertide or the Easter Season, ending with Pentecost Sunday.
Easter has other links beside those for the Christian religion. It was a pagan festival celebrating the beginning of spring with the Goddess known as Eastre having a rabbit as her symbol, hence the Easter Bunny. The Easter Rabbit did not become a commonly used symbol, however, until the 19th century. Similarly, the sharing of eggs was a common practice during spring celebrations, though they may not have been quite as colourful or made of chocolate. More information on the history and traditions of Easter is found below.

Easter Stubby Holder Design

Easter Stubby Holder Design

25th April – Anzac Day
The ANZAC tradition – was established on 25 April, 1915 when the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula.
It was the start of a campaign that lasted eight months and resulted in some 25,000 Australian casualties, including 8,700 who were killed or died of wounds or disease. The men who served on the Gallipoli Peninsula created a legend, adding the word ‘ANZAC’ to our vocabulary and creating the notion of the ANZAC spirit.

Anzac Day Stubby Holder Design

Anzac Day Stubby Holder Design

In 1916, the first anniversary of the landing was observed in Australia, New Zealand and England and by troops in Egypt. That year, 25 April was officially named ‘ANZAC Day’ by the Acting Prime Minister, George Pearce. By the 1920s, ANZAC Day ceremonies were held throughout Australia. All States had designated ANZAC Day as a public holiday. In the 1940s, Second World War veterans joined parades around the country.

Have a great month!

Promotional Stubby Holders: Competition and Saturation

Stand out from the crowd

Becoming ever more a factor in choosing the right strategy is trying to find a promotional item that stands out among the rest: commonly selected items such as keyrings, stress balls and now USB sticks are becoming so popular that you will be hard pressed to find someone that has not already got one, so you’ll have to work even more harder to make sure they like your one! Occasionally a new product arrives on the market and it is important to quickly evaluate the potential of new ideas with respect to your target audience before others usurp you – stealing your thunder. A new product idea done well cannot only generate interest from the person you gave it to, but to others who see it and are curious. This is an added bonus not to be sniffed at!

A Coolaz stubby holder is a new design of beverage insulator that is sure to get attention as it does not compete with the more traditional – and ubiquitous – wetsuit type.

Promotional Stubby Holders: Adding Value to You

How to measure your campaign’s effectiveness
Once upon a time all you could use to track a campaign was ask each customer how they reached you, use a seperate PO Box or obtained a new telephone line and number. With the age of the Internet it has gotten a little easier with unique URLs and server side tracking, but you still need to make the link memorable and not clumsy. QR codes are a new marketing phenomemon that could help drive measurable traffic to wherever you want people to go!

A large proportion of the cost of a bespoke designed promotion item is the set up and artwork. Once that is done each little addition cost less and less. Even something like adding a custom QR code can improve the value of your product – sometimes for free. QR codes are becoming more and more visible and are a great way to exact a call to action to the tech savvy generation. QR codes can be used to push people to a website, deliver an electronic business card and much more. They can also be used, once people have used their code, to track the visitor and personalise content.

By capturing the QR code below with an app enabled phone (iNigma is a very popular one for both iPhone and Android) the embedded URL can tell me that you came from this article and I can store the date and time you visited, find out how long you visited for, where you went in my website, your ISPs location and even the operating system on your phone!

This QR code can easily printed on Coolaz Stubby Holders – and we can even make up a different one for each one we print! This variable information encoded into QR codes (i.e. each product has a unique code) can be used to further enhance the experience and are an immensely powerful marketing tool whose scope is still being explored.

Promotional Stubby Holders: Adding value to your customers

There are lots of ways to add value to your promotional stubby holders!
With some promotional products even more value to the target audience can be added for little cost, especially those that are made by the much more flexible digital printing processes. Something as simple as a consecutive number can become a valuable offering when it becomes a perhaps a lottery entry or perhaps a means to get a discount, both of which will undoubtedly increase the lifetime of the item as it retained until redemption. Some digital processes also now allow you to add more complex variable information such as names, numbers and addresses. What easier way to make sure your gift sweeps all its competition away and to also impress your recipient as you have taken the time to personalise their gift with their first name!

An ideal addition is one that evokes a subsequent interaction with your website or makes ordering simple and easy – possibly even including a login code that unlocks discounts or specials. A simple QR Code printed on your promotional stubby holder can do this by encoding a unique URL that visitors are pushed to.

Coolaz Ticket Stubby Holder

Coolaz Ticket Stubby Holder

Due to the fact they are printed digitally, Coolaz Stubby Holders can also be used as lottery or entrance tickets.

Improve your promotional product’s impact and persistence: Functionality

Generally a promotional item should appeal to the widest demographic possible (although sometimes it can pay to narrow your audience) otherwise the attrition rate is going to be higher. Let’s work through the example of keyring bottle openers: these commonly used items clearly appeal to drinkers, but only those that drink bottled beer, and then only to those of them that prefer premium style beers that do not commonly have a screw cap. So what was wide group has now been whittled down to a fraction that will find the gift useful. The Venn diagram below shows this concept quite nicely:

Venn Diagram of impact of Keyring Bottle Opener

So while many other people will also accept the gift, only a percentage will see their item often, and most will be put on the spare keys, or worse, the kitchen draw! With keyring bottle openers, and many similar promotional items, adding a further complication is the fact that the group that are going to be most interested in your promotional gift are those most likely to already have an alternative already, thus increasing your competition!

By increasing the functional base of your chosen item you can obviously spread your message much wider and by making it suit the needs of a wider percentage of that audience you can increase awareness further. Using products that are adjustable or have a one-size-fits all aspect are clearly more valuable in these circumstances.

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