Band Names, Logos and Ideas for Promotional Merchandise!

If you and your mates are starting a band the first thing to consider is the sheer statement that you will make with the name that you choose and how you will be represented by your logo design! Perhaps you have some ideas or are a fan of a particular icon, style or image and can create a name based around that? Maybe there is a certain phrase or meaning of a name that will spark some interest or failing that you can always hop onto a name generator website – I tried this out today and got some pretty Cool-az results for our potential company band … my top five:

Coolaz Nation And The Fixed Sign
Coolaz Impulse
Coolaz Skank And The Dump
Cranking Coolaz And The Grenades
Coolaz Of Aftermath – for our death metal band 🙂

For all music artists the name they choose will be very important, not only will this represent who they are and what they’re about but it will also be how they are recognised and will form a link to their music and the basis of their celebrity status! This should all be brought to the table when designing a band’s logo or merch design, take the Rolling Stones iconic lips and tongue or Jamiroqui’s indian buffalo hat silhouette – these designs certainly hold their own in the music industry, no need for text, slogans or even the band’s name, whenever you see these logos you know exactly who they belong too.

promotional coolers

Then there are those designs that cleverly use the band name as a hook for their entire logo, it is amazing how a single font like Bootle font used in The Beatles logo or Squealer font for ACDC can be so familiar and how the arrow symbol with custom font for The Who go hand in hand, all recognised by music buffs all over the world…!

band merch

These logos and symbols will be plastered all over the bands promotional merchandise including rock clothes, printed tees, band shirts, CD covers and gifts like pens, mugs and promotional stubby holders! All great ideas to help raise some extra funds for the band’s next gig or to buy the drinks for the after party!

Stubby holders are a true Australian product that most bands and artists will consider purchasing as part of their merchandise for sale to their fans. Generally the bog-standard type of stubby holder can be a little drab and sometimes unexciting as band merchandise, however, when you add a little bit of a Coolaz twist and make the most of the neat tools available you can create the ultimate in merch with a fantastic Coolaz drink holder that will be sure to be high in demand!

With youtube taking the world by storm and the rise in social media you really should make the most of this when designing your merchandise, you can engage your fans by printing QR codes that link direct to your facebook page or online videos posted to youtube or your gig guide printed in an online music mag. You can also make these promotional codes unique, ideal for competitions, exclusive tickets and giveaways or simply for pushing your fans to a particular part of your website, myspace or facebook page!

merch coolers

With full colour digital printing you can give your merchandise a vibrant and modern look, take advantage of the fact that you can include photographs of your band rocking out on stage or crowd surfing! With the protective matt laminate on the surface of the coolers they can be written on with a permanent marker pen making a fantastic signable fan memento! Plus with them coming to you flat they are ideal for transporting when you have limited room on your tour bus.

Perhaps you could even take a leaf out of Eddie Vedder’s book and print a different design for each venue you play, like he did with posters for his solo tour around Australia in 2011, a great way to give your fans a truely unique keepsake from your tour or individual gig!

We fully understand the pressures of touring and have developed a fast turnaround service that will help you if you need more band merchandise quickly. So if you sell out fast you can just give us a shout, we’ll not only make them super fast for you but will also ship direct to your next venue so that you can pick them up when you arrive!

promo stubbies
Email your logo and ideas to for a quote and more information about Coolaz promotional stubby holders!

Rock on!


An Australian made product – with your name on!

When you drown in flags and inflatable thongs this Australia Day let authorities return your to your next of kin by having your name and address printed on a Coolaz to suit the very thing an Aussie would never let go of – a cold beer! We’ve just uploaded six design templates for you to personalise as your very own – or you could make one for a loved one of course! Check them our here: Coolaz Australia Day Stubby Holders.

Australia Day Stubby Holders

Personalise your Australia Day Stubby Holders at Coolaz

We are lobbying the SES to make them compulsory this year!