Fundraising Ideas for Kindergartens and Schools

The 21st of April each year sees the celebration of Kindergarten Day, this is the birthday of Friedrich Froebe who started the very first kindergarten in 1837, in Germany. Kindergarten in German literally translates as ‘Children’s Garden’ and is a pre-school educational institution designed for the early childhood process. His goal was that children should be taken care of and nourished like plants in a garden.

kindergarten outdoor

In each state of Australia, kindergarten (frequently referred to as ‘kinder’ or ‘kindy’) means something slightly different. In TAS, NSW and ACT, it is the first year of primary school. In Victoria, it may be referred to as preschool or kindergarten. In QLD, kindergarten is usually an institution for children around the age of 4 and is prior to preschool and in WA, SA or the NT is referred to respectively as pre-primary, reception or transition! You would think it would be easier to call it the same across the country!

personalised artwork handprint

Most kindergartens and schools will have funding schemes set up by their local governments to help with the centre’s resources, materials and day to day running, however, sometimes this just isn’t quite enough.

Fundraising initiatives are often developed by staff within a centre and are great for targeting areas that need a little extra cash, we can be sure to help you with some Fundraising Ideas!

School & Charity Events

Looking to raise some extra cash for your kindergarten, school or club then be sure to publicise your event on the products that you choose! Perhaps you are having a fun-run or walk-a-thon for a local charity, a school fete or an evening function as a fundraiser to help gain extra school equipment. Our drink holders can be great for any of these events as a giveaway, part of a show-bag or for sale on the day. You can simply send through the event details, your logo and and design ideas and we will aim to create the perfect merchandise to help you raise those much needed funds.

fundraising ideas

Fundraise with Personalised Gifts

Great for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Australia day, Easter, Christmas, New Years and much more! You can then create the perfect gift for that someone special to suit your chosen occasion. Whichever event you choose there are several options available in terms of the design process and with some great unit prices these can make a great little fundraiser too:

– Create your own artwork.

own artwork stubby holders

own artwork stubby holders

We can provide a blank template onto which your group or individual child can paint, draw or sketch their very own piece of art! It could be a self-portrait, handprint, simple drawing or elaborate design. Each piece of art can then be scanned by us and made into your very own cooler – a fantastic and long lasting gift idea for any occasion!

– Use a Coolaz design template.

fathers day stubby holders
fathers day stubby holders

Choose from a selection of our ready-to-go design templates, you can simply send us a list of student names so that each item is personalised with a “Love from name greeting”, you can also supply individual photographs or a team photograph to be included for a really personal touch.

– Blank canvas.

blank plain white stubby holders

Get in touch to ask us about purchasing plain white blank stubby holders, slightly different from Coolaz coolers, these are ready-to-go, sewn coolers with a base. They make a great canvas for kids to draw onto – You could use fabric paints, permanent pens and even iron on transfers (supervised of course) to create a fantastic gift for that someone special. We have no minimum order quantity and you can call 03 5976 8600 or email us to find out prices and more information.

Merchandise for your School, Teams and Clubs.

Printed items as merchandise for your school or club can make a great marketing tool. Include your school crest, motto & mission statement or your sports logo, class list or group photo along with your design preferences or uniform colours to get the most from your products.

water bottle coolers

We can even print individual student names onto each cooler so that you can easily identify your own soft drink can, or water bottle, works great for staff members too. This can also be a great idea for personalised student mouse pads, maybe they can be used for reserving a space in the computer room or library.

If you are interested in any of our products for your school merchandise or fundraising events then please do get in touch. You can simply email through your requirements and our experienced team will create a design to suit your needs.

Contact us 03 5976 8600 or email

Band Names, Logos and Ideas for Promotional Merchandise!

If you and your mates are starting a band the first thing to consider is the sheer statement that you will make with the name that you choose and how you will be represented by your logo design! Perhaps you have some ideas or are a fan of a particular icon, style or image and can create a name based around that? Maybe there is a certain phrase or meaning of a name that will spark some interest or failing that you can always hop onto a name generator website – I tried this out today and got some pretty Cool-az results for our potential company band … my top five:

Coolaz Nation And The Fixed Sign
Coolaz Impulse
Coolaz Skank And The Dump
Cranking Coolaz And The Grenades
Coolaz Of Aftermath – for our death metal band 🙂

For all music artists the name they choose will be very important, not only will this represent who they are and what they’re about but it will also be how they are recognised and will form a link to their music and the basis of their celebrity status! This should all be brought to the table when designing a band’s logo or merch design, take the Rolling Stones iconic lips and tongue or Jamiroqui’s indian buffalo hat silhouette – these designs certainly hold their own in the music industry, no need for text, slogans or even the band’s name, whenever you see these logos you know exactly who they belong too.

promotional coolers

Then there are those designs that cleverly use the band name as a hook for their entire logo, it is amazing how a single font like Bootle font used in The Beatles logo or Squealer font for ACDC can be so familiar and how the arrow symbol with custom font for The Who go hand in hand, all recognised by music buffs all over the world…!

band merch

These logos and symbols will be plastered all over the bands promotional merchandise including rock clothes, printed tees, band shirts, CD covers and gifts like pens, mugs and promotional stubby holders! All great ideas to help raise some extra funds for the band’s next gig or to buy the drinks for the after party!

Stubby holders are a true Australian product that most bands and artists will consider purchasing as part of their merchandise for sale to their fans. Generally the bog-standard type of stubby holder can be a little drab and sometimes unexciting as band merchandise, however, when you add a little bit of a Coolaz twist and make the most of the neat tools available you can create the ultimate in merch with a fantastic Coolaz drink holder that will be sure to be high in demand!

With youtube taking the world by storm and the rise in social media you really should make the most of this when designing your merchandise, you can engage your fans by printing QR codes that link direct to your facebook page or online videos posted to youtube or your gig guide printed in an online music mag. You can also make these promotional codes unique, ideal for competitions, exclusive tickets and giveaways or simply for pushing your fans to a particular part of your website, myspace or facebook page!

merch coolers

With full colour digital printing you can give your merchandise a vibrant and modern look, take advantage of the fact that you can include photographs of your band rocking out on stage or crowd surfing! With the protective matt laminate on the surface of the coolers they can be written on with a permanent marker pen making a fantastic signable fan memento! Plus with them coming to you flat they are ideal for transporting when you have limited room on your tour bus.

Perhaps you could even take a leaf out of Eddie Vedder’s book and print a different design for each venue you play, like he did with posters for his solo tour around Australia in 2011, a great way to give your fans a truely unique keepsake from your tour or individual gig!

We fully understand the pressures of touring and have developed a fast turnaround service that will help you if you need more band merchandise quickly. So if you sell out fast you can just give us a shout, we’ll not only make them super fast for you but will also ship direct to your next venue so that you can pick them up when you arrive!

promo stubbies
Email your logo and ideas to for a quote and more information about Coolaz promotional stubby holders!

Rock on!

What is Movember?

YOU CAN MO YOUR OWN WAY – What is Movember?

Movember is a fun and hairy way to raise extra funds and awareness for men’s health, it’s all about getting the boys to grow a unique moustache and wear it with style throughout the month of November!

Each Mo-Bro that takes on the challenge will seek out sponsorship from their Mo-Sistas, friends and colleagues who will give some much needed support for their tash growing efforts! With the slogan “Movember – Changing the Face of Men’s Health” this event is recognised in Australia and around the world literally as a walking advert for the cause!

Mo-Money, Fundraising Ideas…

There are heaps of ways that you can get involved with Movemeber and while the growing of a Mo is limited to the guys the girls can provide encouragement of growth by donating cash to an individual or by helping to organise another event such as – a movember party, hosting a raffle, organising a fundraising dinner, charity golf day, surf challenge or even a fashion parade to get those Mo’s on display for all to see!!

Here are our top ten moustache styles that we think you should try to include in your fundraising catwalk fun…

Growing a moustache… Mo-Decisions!

There is something very manly about growing a moustache; and the biggest decision for you chaps will come when the hair in the centre of the lip starts to grow long … this can get messy very quickly and become home to unwanted foreign objects – namely food and drink!! This is the point where you may want to think about your chose style and start the trimming process. However, if you can stand it, it is well worth letting it all grow so you can train the hair to grow out sideways in order to achieve a traditional or handlebar shape!!

Here are some of our favourite famous men with moustaches too… [Chosen by the Mo-Sistas amongst the Coolaz Team]…

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Tom Selleck & Vincent Price

Men’s Health

Fundrasing and awareness …

Holding an event during Movember is a great way to create some fun but more importantly to get friends and family talking about the issue of men’s health. A Movember fundraiser can be hosted at your work place, the local pub or tavern, town hall, a sport’s club or just about anywhere that a moustache can grow. Don’t forget that in Australia all the cash you can raise is used to support the two biggest issues – prostate cancer and male mental health. Your funds raised are directed to projects run by Movember and their men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue: the national depression initiative.

The Coolaz team would like to help you create the perfect Mo-Cooler, these personalised stubby holders can be perfectly designed to suit your fundraising event, and with a great unit price for however-many you need you can be assured that they will help you to raise those much needed extra funds! Plus we are giving away a set of ten stick-on Moustaches with every set of event coolers ordered for Movember! These can be stuck onto your coolers or your face lol…!

Don’t forget you can also send in your own Movember ideas and pictures and our design team will put something together for your event, check out some of our design ideas below:

Happy Growing!

Olympic Inspired – Sports Club and Team Fundraising Ideas!

The London Olympics Schedule 2012 kicks off on 27 July … and with the slogan ‘Inspire a Generation’ and Waltzing Matilda blasting out from Channel 9’s promo for the Australian Team we certainly have big plans to paint London Aussie Gold & Green this british summer!!

The Olympic Rings are a symbol that is recognised everywhere, with the five colours blue, black, red, green and gold representing the union of five continents and the meeting of athletes from across the world at the Olympic Games.

There are giant sets of rings showing up across the UK, at the Mound in Edinburgh, Birmingham Airport, Newcastle and Gateshead, Cardiff City Hall, London Tower Bridge and the entrance of the Channel Tunnel in France to be seen by thousands of fans travelling to the UK… all of these truly show how the country is ready to welcome in the world this summer! And Team Australia will be greeted by the rings at Heathrow airport when they arrive!

The games are currently held every two years, with Summer and Winter alternating, although they occur every 4 years within their respective seasonal games. Recent games have been held or are


Pyeongchang 2018, Sochi 2014, Vanccouver 2010, Torino 2006, Salt Lake 2002


Rio 2016, London 2012, Beijing 2008, Athens 2004, Sydney 2000

History of The Olympics

According to the books the first Olympic games can be traced back to 776BC when the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece. The ancient Games included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, and equestrian events. At the next summer Olympics in London you will see the following events;

Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Football (Soccer), Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Pentathlon, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Trampoline, Triathlon, Water Polo, Weightlifting, Wrestling …

Check out some of our designs created with a little Aussie twist…

(Beach) Volleyball





Football (Soccer)



Whether you are heading to London or supporting your favourite athlete from the comfort of your home or from the screen at your sporting club – make sure that you keep your drink cold with personalised Coolaz stubby holder like one of the designs above! And don’t forget that any of these designs can be adapted in terms of their colour and layout – plus we can add your own team’s logo and mission for a truely unique product.

Olympic Inspired – Sports Club and Team Fundraising Ideas!

If you are a club or sporting team and you are looking to raise some much needed funds for your team then Coolaz have the solution. Our coolers are printed in full colour with a photo-quality finish; you can add your team logo and colours, a photograph of the team as well as team names, individual numbers and player names!

Coolaz coolers are ideal for local merchandising – with our low unit price and a proven easy retail of around $5 you will quickly be able to raise funds for your team, event or cause!

Our stubby holders are fantastic as club merchandise; they can be sold over the bar, at the ticket office or on the terraces. They can be tailored for specific events or milestones, as a record of a particular game or perhaps a series of players like collecting cards.

If you offer memberships to your club then our coolers are great as part of a gift pack, as a ticket or season pass – we can offer sequential numbering or barcoding so that each cooler (ticket) is individual. This neat tool of numbering your promotional products is also great for giveaways and lottery/raffle type draws.

If you are holding a corporate event or club function you can also add individual names to double up as place cards for seating arrangements or as name ‘badges’ for networking nights, a great way to get to know each other and to keep hold of your drink!

School Fundraising Ideas for Charity.

There are so many worthy causes and possible reasons that you may need to raise funds for your School, Sports Club, Community Group or Registered Charity. Often the hardest thing to do is rally the support and enthusiasm of the people around you in order to reach your goal!

The first step is to let people know why you are fundraising and why you need their help (e.g. new sports equipment for your school). Also confirm the amount of cash you are hoping to raise as this will help parents, relatives, friends and even corporate sponsors to understand your aims and to help you achieve them.

If you have a regular newsletter or online community, be sure to include your fundraisers in an article, blog or post and also to include the correct links to your sponsors, include their logos and information so that they can help drive people towards your goal too, plus it is great advertising and the more you can include them in your event the more support they are likely to provide.

Melrose Charity Cruise

Make sure that you provide the correct dates and details for the event so that everyone understands how it will work, what is required and what will be achieved at the end. Also, if you have a group meeting or perhaps a school assembly this is a great time to tell everyone about your ideas and to gain the interest of all those involved. With all that said you will of course need to decide your method of fundraising and how you can make the most of it, here are a few ideas and suggestions of how you can apply Coolaz Drink Holders, Water Bottle Coolers and Mouse Mats to your fundraiser:

School and Event Merchandise

School Mouse Pad

Publicise your event on the products that you choose! Perhaps you are having a ‘fun-run’ to raise money for a local charity, simply send through the event details and your logo and we will create the perfect merchandise that you can sell on the day to raise some extra cash.

Run4Ryan Charity Stubby Holder

Run4Ryan Charity Stubby Holder

 Certificate Run4Ryan Charity

You can email us your school crest, sports logo, class list or group photo along with your design preferences or uniform colours and our experienced team will design a cooler to suit your requirements. This is a great way to raise extra money and market your school at the same time, be sure to include your school motto or mission statement!

School Water Bottle Cooler

School Water Bottle Cooler

“Coolers are sensational! Children and adults love them. The whole idea of being flexible for the water bottles has worked a treat. Thanks so much.”

Angela Gooley – Principal Springfield Central State School

Certificate Frankston Heights Fundraiser

Perhaps you are celebrating your centenary year, having an open day or even a series of events? Whatever you are celebrating we can help – due to our unique manufacturing and digital process we can print several designs across your ordered volume for little or no extra cost. A great tool if you have a few different events coming up and want to print them all at once! You could even consider this for your sports day or events where you are split into ‘houses’ as you can print a different colour for each house.

School Water Bottles Mixed Colours

School Water Bottles Mixed Colours

Personal Gifts

You may like to think about a specific event or occasion that is coming up such as Fathers day, Grand Final, Melbourne Cup, Christmas, Australia day or Easter to name but a few… You can then create the perfect gift for that someone special to suit your chosen occasion. Whichever event you choose there are several options available in terms of the design process:

  • The hands-on approach

We can provide a blank template onto which your group or individual child can paint, draw or sketch their very own piece of art! It could be a self-portrait, handprint, simple drawing or elaborate design. Each piece of art can then be scanned and made into your very own cooler – a fantastic gift idea for any occasion!

Hand Drawn Personalised Coolers

Hand Drawn Personalised Coolers

  • The perfect portrait

Do you have a collection of photographs taken at your school or club, perhaps headshots for your yearbook or action shots from a specific event? Why not send us your images along with a names list to match and we can print a picture along with an individual name and class number or group logo as a memento of the event or year!

Team Photograph Cooler

Team Photograph Cooler

Team Photograph Stubby Holder

Team Photograph Stubby Holder

Remember, the more you sell the bigger your profit margin … Coolaz Fundraising Packages are a great way to increase sales and raise extra money for your fundraiser!

We can offer you advice about our recommended retail value so that you make the most sales you possibly can. We will also give you a fantastic unit price, this will be based on the total quantity that you require and of course the more you order the cheaper this unit price becomes!

The Coolaz Team have heaps of ideas for fundraising, we have worked with many charities and organisations to help boost support for various causes across Australia. For more information and help with your next fundraising event please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you can tell us a little bit about what you are doing and the charity or cause you are raising funds for then we will do our best to offer you a substantial discount on your order! Contact us for more details.

Good Luck 🙂