Ideas for Introducing Modern Colour Trends into your Wedding Stubby Holders! With Watermelon Wedding Colour Ideas!

If you are looking for a modern twist or bright wedding colour scheme to create that something special for your big day then this wedding colour trend is the one for you. The fruit of a watermelon has a pinkish-red colour that is vibrant and striking, perfect for adding a touch of summer to your wedding. The contrast of the pink flesh against the green outer skin is simply stunning and can bring much inspiration to any bride and groom on the road to creating unique wedding ideas that will stun all of your guests.

colour ideas for wedding stubby holders

Creating your wedding decorations using this wedding colour combination will be so much fun, adding bright and funky tones to your wedding tables doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to incorporate the fruit itself but there are so many cool ways that you could share your love for watermelon with your guests on the day … Check out the collage of images above, you can see how one couple have carved their wedding date into the melon skin – this would be a great photograph to use on your save the dates and wedding invitations too! There are also some other ways that it has been incorporated as a delicious treat, int he form of cute canapes and watermelon slices on sticks with a heart cut out of them, very sweet!

Your can also splash this modern colour trend across your wedding attire, why not start with your bridesmaids dresses, using the pink/red as a bright and funky colour base, this will look amazing in any fabric! Make sure that you choose a neutral colours to match or perhaps you might use a cream or beige for their dresses and then add a vibrant wedding sash or some stunning wedding shoes to match!

When it comes to creating the perfect colour for your custom wedding stubby holders the options are endless, your design can follow the theme of your wedding invitations or be completely different to wow your guests on the day. They can have individual guest names, be part of your table decorations or even used as place cards – A great way to practically include your stubby holders and also make them your bonbonierre idea, a great saving idea too! Here are a couple of ideas to show you how you could incorporate this amazing colour trend into your wedding theme;

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watermelon wedding stubby holders

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wedding stubby holders

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pink wedding stubby holders

Happy Planning!