Craft Beers, Breweries and making the most of your Promotional Stubby Holders!

After recently attending Beers by the Bay an event held each year at the Mornington Racecourse, conveniently located near to the Coolaz factory, it dawned on us that more and more people are turning their hand away from the traditional stubby and onto a micro brewed beauty-of-a-beer!

promotional stubby holders

The event saw local Victorian breweries such as the Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Red Hill Brewery and Prickly Moses pouring their offerings into the glasses of beer enthusiasts and keen critics. Along with some bigger names like Crabbies and Kopparberg bringing their brews of ginger beer and cider to tempt us in a sweeter direction. Crabbies Ginger Beer trying the hardest with their new advertising campaign ‘say goodbye to cider’…!

You could also grab yourself a beer recipe and home brew kit from Brew Smith and purchase bottled versions from most breweries as takeaways for consumption after the event! The trend, it seems is for the modern movement of the craft beer to be bottled into a 330ml sized vessel, which is music to the ears of a Coolaz team member, as we pride ourselves on the fact that our customisable stubby holders are capable of fitting 375ml and 330ml bottles as standard! As you can see the Beers by the Bay team also took advantage of this and added us to their event merchandise stand for a second year running! Cheers guys!

promotional stubby holders

Customised stubby holders for craft beers are a fantastic merchandise idea for events like this, but also for the breweries to promote themselves. Beer promotional merchandise is a great way for microbreweries to not only make some extra revenue to put towards their next brew, but also as a promotional product that will create word of mouth and ‘in-hand’ brand awareness!

If you consider the sensible functionality of a stubby holder as a promotional product for a brewery you will clearly see the value of being able to spread your message by using an item that is placed directly into the hand of your target audience, and onto a product that is useful to that user and relevant to the drinks market. Essentially creating a business card, that is a cooler and an advert, wrapped around your beer… the perfect marriage of a beer cooler to a beer drinker with the brewer as your witness!!

There are many neat tools available that allow you to make the most of your promotional stubby holders too, for example our high quality printing allows us to be able to easily print QR codes onto your coolers. These codes are becoming more visible and are a great way to create a call to action and/or to push people to a website. They can also be used as a marketing tool to track your visitors and the success of your campaign and promotional product.

band merchandise

Perhaps you are a musician or band that plays live at events such as beers by the bay and are looking for an inexpensive merchandise idea to get your name out there. The great thing about Coolaz coolers is that there is no minimum order quantity and so you can purchase a small amount to get you off the ground, we can also print several designs across your volume so that you can include your favourite band shot on one design and your album artwork on another, thus getting more bang for your buck!

Coolaz stubby holders can also make great personalised gift ideas for a special occasion or personal event such as a birthday bash, wedding celebration, engagement party or your hens & bucks parties! We have hundreds of design ideas on our website or you can send through your requirements and our design team will create a unique design to suit your special occasion!

For the beer lover they can also be a great idea for a blind tasting!! Whether at a party, event or just for fun you can design your own coolers to use as an outer layer, not only to keep your beer at the perfect temperature but also to disguise the bottle or can so that there is no cheating when trying to guess which beer is which, a great party game for any event!

For more information about promotional stubby holders or customised stubbies for your event please contact the Coolaz Team – 03 5976 8600 or email

Happy Brewing!

Christmas Stubby Holder Gift Ideas!

Less than one month until Christmas, let the countdown begin!! It’s that time of year again when all the kids go wild and the adults start running around trying to find the perfect Christmas gift ideas for all of their friends and family! No matter how hard we try, we always end up in the same place, wondering, why on earth did I not start my Xmas shopping back in September!

Well, worry no more, we have the perfect idea in Christmas presents! You can create a Christmas stubby holder for everyone, simply choose your design, add your personal message and mark who it’s from! You can even create individually customised stubby holders for each member of your family, as well as your friends to take home after a day of celebrating!

What a fantastic way to pass on some festive cheer, keep your drink cool, and a great Aussie Christmas gift that will just keep on giving! Leaving you to concentrate on the finishing touches… putting together your Christmas menu and getting creative with your Christmas decorations, baubels, stars, angels the works!!

Check out our Christmas stubby holder designs by clicking this button, or view a few extras below for some ideas …

christmas stubby holders

Design Ref: CHR022-Santa-on-Beach

christmas stubby holders

Design Ref: CHR023-AquaSilver-Decos

xmas stubby holders

Design Ref: CHR024-Xmas-Tree

kris kringle stubby holders

Design Ref: CHR025-Koala-Christmas-Hats

kriss kringle stubby holders

Design Ref: CHR026-Candle

secret santa stubby holders

Design Ref: CHR027-Bells

christmas stubby holders

Design Ref: CHR028-Kangaroos-Christmas-Hats

christmas stubby holders

Happy Christmas Shopping!

Unique Ideas For your Beach Wedding and our Latest Colour Combination for your Wedding Stubby Holders; Featuring Yellow, Baby-Blue & Grey!

Think summer, think beautiful beach location, think lapping blue shores with bright white sand, think icey cold drinks and delicious finger food and you have yourself the perfect setting for your summer beach wedding.

Check out the colour scheme idea for your wedding below, we have put together some inspiring ideas to help you get organised and to inspire wedding party ideas for a reception to remember!

summer beach wedding ideas

When you are ready to begin the planning process it is a great idea for you and your future husband/wife to sit down together and create a simple wedding checklist – this can inlcude simple tick lists of the important aspects of planning your wedding and with a deadline for each so that you stay on track and in control. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task and is something that you need to tackle together.

Choosing a beach wedding can make a wonderful and casual affair and give you a base for creating your wedding party ideas! It does mean that your decorations and wedding bonbonierre ideas do not have to be formal and can reflect your modern setting and your personalities!

summer beach wedding ideas

Maybe you will choose to have a beach ceremony in the late afternoon to avoid the midday sun, followed by a beach wedding reception. Choose a cocktail style with bar tables and casual dining, no need for the formal sit down – this will make your guests feel more relaxed in a beach environment and a great way to get your guests to mingle! There are many wedding venues across Australia than can offer a cocktail style wedding, for example, we have heard raving reviews about All Smiles for a wedding in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula – check their website for ideas … Visit!

The casual wedding can also lend itself to creating fun ideas for wedding bonbonierre for your guests, consider our wedding stubby holders, they can be personalised with a beach wedding theme or using the colours that you have chosen, we can match the colour to your bridesmaid dresses or your decorations. They can include your names and the date of your event along with a personal message. The great thing about Coolaz wedding stubbies is that they can also include an individual guest name so that each person has their very own named gift – a great way for people to identify their drinks and a practical gift that your guests can take home with them too..!

You can choose from hundreds of designs online that have been designed specifically for a beach wedding! Here are just a few to match the wedding color scheme above and a beach wedding…

Reference; DP-WED-FORM032N

yellow wedding stubby holder

Reference; DP-WED-CART017N

beach wedding stubby holder

Reference; DP-WED-CART017N

beach wedding stubby holder

Happy Planning!

Unique Wedding Ideas For your Summer Wedding and Colour Combinations For Your Wedding Stubby Holders!

As we head into November and the final month of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, you can start to prepare yourself for some extreme sunshine! Many summer weddings will be organised to take place in the coming months, December to February, and there will be some fabulous trends hitting the wedding scene this season! We have chosen bright and light shades of pink and a honeydew green as our first summer wedding colour combination to help you with your wedding planning and ideas…

summer pink and honeydew green

This amazing colour combination for your summer wedding in Australia conjours up heaps of inspiration and fresh ideas for your wedding. The collage above shows some great ideas to bring a fresh look to your wedding. The contrast of the fushia and light pink against the pastel honeydew green looks stunning. Use mason jars as your choice of serving glass, fill them with summer cocktails designed to be in your wedding colours and with paper drinking straws to match.

Love the use of bride and groom name flags shown here in the tall glasses, these look fab and make a practical drink stirer and keepsake too … If you have a straight sided glass then you can also use your Coolaz stubby holder around it provided that the circumference is between a 375ml or 330ml/275ml bottle, like the image below you can see how this couple took advantage of the adjustable coolers … best to test this around the exact glass if your venue is providing them of course, you can email us for a sample cooler if that helps … email us here:

wedding stubby holder around glass

You can see how the pink design in the collage uses one of our most popular sayings for your wedding stubby holders “to have and to hold and to keep your drink cold” this looks awesome and is eyecatching in the different sized fonts, personalised with the bride and groom names and the date of the event this will certainly make a great bonbonierre gift idea for your guests to take home and will brighten up your table decorations too. Take advantage of the hot weather and treat your guests to ice blocks made from delicious fresh fruits, the honeydew melon ice-pop works really well for this wedding colour combination as it brings great flavour and fits the theme perfectly.

Bring added notes of this colour combo into your bridesmaid dresses, groomsman outfits and other wedding accessories. Teh use of bridal sashes is a great way to introduce colour and texture along with hair clips, small flowers and large bouquets, there will be a summer blooms in abundance and the choice for your wedding flowers will be endless…!!

Here are a couple of wedding cooler ideas to suit this summer theme for your wedding, if you have something very specific in mind be sure to get in touch and we will do our best to create a unique design for you.

Reference; DP-WED-CART003N

pink cartoon wedding stubby holder

Reference; DP-WED-CART017N

honeydew green cake topper wedding stubby holder

Happy Planning!