Bucks Party Ideas 2013

With the release of the hangover part 3 at the movies in Australia last week and channel 9 revisiting the first film this week – it all sparked up some ideas about bucks nights, ideas for what, and what not to do, when planning the groom’s “last night of freedom”!!

Here’s our step by step guide of how to throw a bunch of mates and a bunch of bucks party ideas together to create the perfect bucks party!

bucks stubby holders

First thing on the list is the list! Consider all of the guests that the groom would want to take with him on his last night of freedom! I think that tradition says anyone invited to the bucks would be at the wedding, but with a rise in destination weddings and small intimate celebrations with only close family and friends that this may not be the case for everyone.

So, you have your guest list, whether you know everyone on the list or not, being appointed organiser means that you should have a pretty good idea about the buck, what his hobbies are, what he’s into and what would be out of bounds! Always good to know the line not to cross after all this is about the groom having a good time with his mates before he gets married.

BUC-WITO025N – “The Hangover” Stubby Holder
wedding stubby holders

Considering the groom, the next thing to do is choose the bucks event! There are hundreds of options available from fun bucks activities in the day to wild bucks nights out or even a low key dinner! You will be the best judge of what will suit your groom and his bucks day guest list.

Don’t forget that most couples tend to do their celebrating on the same day so the girls might be out on the prowl on their Hens Night, make sure that you find out as much as you can about their hens party ideas so that you don’t bump into them on your boys night out!!

Here are some of our latest bux ideas, and of course we have put together some designs for your bucks stubby holders to match…!

Bucks Camping Weekend

If you have plenty of time before the wedding then why not plan your bucks event for the summer months and head off to the outback for a bush camping adventure! A few stubbies and some bucks games around a campfire! Bring the beers together with these stylish bucks stubby holder designs…

Design Reference: DPCampingBucks

bucks stubby holders

Design Reference: DP9117-Bucks-Camp

bucks stubby holders

Bucks Fishing Trip

For those that love the chase! You could book a fishing charter for just you and the boys, pack up your esky and head out into the ocean for a day of fishing, drinking and good times. If you don’t have sea legs then stick to the shore, there are plenty of good fishing spots suitable for boys bucks dayf of fishing! Don’t forget your bucks coolers…

Design Reference: DP9814-Bucks-Fishing2

bucks stubby holders

Design Reference: DP9901-Bucks-Fishing

bucks stubby holders

Go Karting Bucks Party Challenge

If your buck is a thrill seeker and would love the idea of whizzing around a race track, then this is perfect bucks idea for you! This is a good way to start the day and then head off to a bar or club to celebrate! Maybe you could print a few bucks challenges on yoru stubby holders for good measure!

Design Reference: QRD-BWO016-GoKart

bucks stubby holders

Design Reference: DP-GOKart-Race

bucks stubby holders

Golf Bucks Day

Grab a couple of your golfing mates and book yourself an afternoon tee off time, best way to spend a bucks arvo – maybe you will set up some additional bucks games along the way – 18 holes, 18 Challenges etc … don’t forget that we can print your golf score cards (or shot counter) onto your bucks stubby holder!

Design Reference: DP14966-Pub-Golf

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: BUC-WITH015N

wedding stubby holders

Bucks Night at the Races

Does your groom like a little flutter and all the fun and games that go with it! Then why not book an afternoon at the races followed by a night out on the town! Place your bets as to which stubby holder design your buck would prefer…

Design Reference: QRD-BWO018-HorseRacing

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: QRD-BWO006-dogs

wedding stubby holders

Bucks Night Vegas Style

… and of course, with the hangover movie in mind the ultimate Bucks destination – Las Vegas!! Flashy lights on the strip, cabaret, flamingo girls, casinos, partying and more! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!! Except for your bucks stubby holder, the only souvenier yuo should bring back …

Design Reference: DP-Vegas-Bucks

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: QRD-BWO008-CASINO

wedding stubby holders

Happy bucks planning!


Wedding Colour Trends: Gold, Coral & Mint

Wedding Colour Trends: Gold, Coral & Mint

One of the hot wedding colour trends for 2013/2014 is this fantastically romantic combination of gorgeous gold with mysterious mint and cute coral…! This pastel dream will bring a real feminine touch to your wedding day, with the option to use any of these gorgeous shades in your bridesmaid’s dresses with matching ties and pocket handkerchiefs the groom and groomsman will surely look at their best on your special day!

wedding colour combinations gold

If you have an eye for vintage treasure and love wandering the opportunity shops and antique stores for those old fashioned novelties then be sure to collect some trinkets, gold teapots and vases for your wedding table decorations, you might even find a fancy wedding cake stand that would look fab with your gold chevron decorated 3 tier delight!

When you are considering where to get married, make sure that you take in the surroundings to ensure that your gold, coral and mint wedding theme is going to sit with the decor that they already have, choose furniture that suits your theme such as gold banquet chairs this will add an air of elegance to the room and allow you to dress it with your paler wedding colours like coral and mint!

Be sure to follow your wedding colour theme throughout the wedding planning, from the start you can include hints of this in your wedding invitations and then build up to the big wedding day, include a combination of this in your wedding attire, wedding decorations and in your bombonierre and favours.

Here are a couple of suggestions for your wedding stubby holders to match this gorgeous wedding theme…

Design Reference Number: QRD15886-Coral_Mint_Gold

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference Number: QRD15940-Coral_Mint_Gold

wedding stubby holders

Happy Planning!

Wedding Colour Trends: Gold, Black & White

Wedding Colour Trends: Gold, Black & White

Simply sophisticated, the richness of gold in the finishes against the cleanness of a black and white themed wedding are perfect for any special occasion!


You can incorporate so many of this year’s wedding trends to compliment this colour scheme, from the chevron design that has become infamous of late to the use of guinea fowl feathers and rhinestone embellished jewels to add some glamour to your wedding style from start to finish – include this in your wedding invitations right through to your table decorations!

Your floral bouquets can include a dramatic contrast of black against white with gold ribbon & decoration to finish it off. The wedding venue that you have chosen and the way that you approach your wedding ideas will really help you to reflect the formality and wedding experience that you would like your guests to have! For some quirky ideas make sure you include some classic songs when choosing your wedding music – try Spandeau Ballet – Gold as a trigger to get your guests on the dance floor!

Check out our suggested wedding stubby holder design ideas below to suit this sophisticated style – Gold, Black and White Wedding…

Design Reference Number: QRD15794-Black_White_Gold

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference Number: WED-FORM009—Black_White_Gold

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference Number: QRD15053-Black-and-Gold

wedding stubby holders

Happy Planning!

Trends, Patterns and Colour Ideas For Your Wedding 2013-2014!

The wedding trends this year and into 2014 show that the modern day bride is looking for the ultimate in customised experience to complete her big day!

After looking into the process that goes into your wedding planning, where wedding ideas come from and who’s setting the trends this year – We have put together this feature as a collaboration of ideas that are currently exciting the bridal industry in Australia and across the globe! Plus we have created some fantastic new designs to match What’s Hot and What’s Not for the forhcoming wedding season in 2014!

natural elegant wedding stubby holders

There are so many elements to consider when putting together your bridal wedding plan, from the very start each bride-to-be is likely to have some set ideas in mind for their wedding theme, from their save the dates & wedding invitations through to the style of wedding dress and even the cake – but there are so many ideas floating around, how does a bride choose.

Well, firstly we would suggest that each element should reflect the bride and groom’s personalities, maybe you are an adventurous couple, the ourdoorsy type – you could consider natural shades in colour and organic features. Combine this with an edge of elegance and you have yourself a very relaxed atmosphere that would be perfect for any wedding.

Stay Relaxed…

One recent wedding trend is seeing relaxed lounge furniture, low couches and arm chairs with organic coffee tables made from recycled materials, old barrels and tree stumps.

natural elegant wedding stubby holders

Camping, or otherwise known in the wedding world as ‘glamping’ is becoming more popular than ever and in Australia, let’s face it, the big outdoors is certainly vast and the possibilities almost endless! From tepee style large wedding marquees to house your entire wedding reception to smaller individual tents tailored your glamping to be exactly what you wish for.

Many couples are choosing to have extra, smaller tents for secluded areas, like a chill out tent or a games tent for the kids, a great way to relax or contain those little ones! Staying overnight can be great fun too, songs around the camp fire and then the fun of the morning after and an extended party!! What a great wedding experience!

Keep Everybody Smiling…

In keeping with a good-natured feel to your wedding day there are some other fun elements that you can add into the mix. Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular and the props you choose can also be translated into design ideas that you can use throughout your wedding stationery, table decorations and to make the basis for your wedding theme.

wedding stubby holders

Props that represent the bride and groom’s personalities are great plus you can add some real colour and interesting poses to your wedding photographs! Make sure you have tonnes of moustaches, luscious lips and top hats to finish off your theatrics!

Setting the Mood…

For a more formal setting add some mood lighting – candles and chandeliers are huge this wedding season and can add a flash of posh to your wedding reception. Whether you are outside and hanging glass candle jars and chandeliers from the trees or indoors with high ceilings that need that extra special lighting, you can be sure that these will brighten up your day.

wedding stubby holders

Trends are also seeing symbols featuring chandelier silhouettes on wedding invitations and throughout wedding stationery! Check out some of our design ideas at the bottom of this feature.

A Splash of Colour and Keeping in Pattern…

When it comes to your wedding invitations we have got it sorted, fashion this year is asking for bright almost fluoro hints of colour, brides are loving the use of neutral shades and then a colour that simply pops from the page with unusual and modern design patterns having a massive influence on the way that brides are shopping this year…

Introducing The CHEVRON zig-zagging its way to a wedding table near you! This spikey design looks fabulous on napkins, table runners, in bridesmaid accessories and of course on your wedding invitations and bridal party stubby holders!

chevron wedding stubby holders

Other popular wedding patterns include hexagonal honeycomb styles and Arabic influenced, tapestry designs.

Word on the street is that wedding planners are looking for inspiring wedding ideas for stationery with 3D invites being top of the list. What better way to surprise your guests than with their very own wedding stubby holder invite that springs out of the envelope and literally wraps into a cylinder around a can or bottle – you cant get much more 3D than that! Plus we have some fantastic neutral designs and then bright colours of interior foam to add that touch of colour that you’ve been looking for!

wedding stubby holder

Design inspiration…

Here are some ideas that will hopefully jump off the page and inspire you based on this year’s wedding design symbols, patterns and colour ideas…

wedding stubby holders

Reference: DP15571-yellow-chevron

wedding stubby holders

Reference: WED-THEME-021[chandelier-red-heart]

wedding stubby holders

Reference: WED-THEME-021[chandelier]

wedding stubby holders

Reference: WED-THEME-022[colour-pop-pink]

Happy Planning!

Autumn Colours for an Autumn Wedding…

Autumn Colours for an Autumn Wedding!

In Australia autumn falls from March to the end of May. Even though some states in Australia still see sunny skies and warmer climates the thought of an Autumn wedding lends itself to rich, warm hues of orange and brown and makes you think of the changing leaves with gorgeous colours that can make such a wonderful backdrop for your wedding photographs.

wedding colour trends

Make the most of those bright sunny autumn days, stick to colours that complement the season, and be sure to do a little research about the location you choose and be sure to prepare for all elements! Use in season flowers for your wedding bouquets, this can vary from climate to climate and can make an autumn wedding in the north very different from a wedding at the same time of year in the south!

Here are some of the latest wedding colours and seasonal trends that are hitting the wedding scene this Autumn, perhaps you are planning your wedding for 2014… be sure to consider these colours in your wedding invitations, decorations and more!

Orange, Yellow & Grey

From silver-grey bridesmaid dresses that are brightened up with an orange/yellow wedding sash to the bridal flowers and table decorations. These colours will bring a warm feeling to the celebration and make stunning colours for your wedding pictures.

aqua peach cream wedding stubby holders

The grey-green of succulents used in button holes and the bouquets are extremely effective against a bright orange and yellow rose or carnation. You can even incorporate these colours in the drinks that you serve, such as a tropical punch or wedding cocktail.

Here are our matching wedding stubby holder designs:

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: WED-THEME-015[bohemian]

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: WED-THEME-018[RomanticFloral]

Aqua, Peach & Cream

There is something very vintage about the combination of an aqua glass vase and peach roses, these will make a fantastic centrepiece at any wedding. Adding this combination into the bridal wear is also great, you could include peach bridesmaid dresses and then matching peach and aqua ties for the groomsmen.

aqua peach cream wedding stubby holders

Don’t forget to sneak a cute pair of wedding shoes under your dress – a bright aqua would be very funky and covers your something blue too.

When designing your wedding invites, table decorations, bonbonierre and favours make sure that you are true to the colour combination that you choose for your wedding. You could also choose a couple of fonts to help theme your artwork and complete your wedding stationery.

Also consider these design styles for your wedding stubby holders:

vintage wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: WED-THEME-002[vintage]

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: WED-THEME-019[RomanticFloral]

Plum, Teal & Light Brown

This colour combination for your wedding is full of rich and warm shades that will give a classic and formal feel to your wedding day. A versatile combination that can also be considered for a modern vintage wedding, picking a vintage peacock theme for your wedding is a fabulous idea and can add heaps of style and chique.

aqua peach cream wedding stubby holders

There are so many ways that you can include these colours and images such as peacock feathers in your wedding stationery, following your theme through from your save the dates through to your table decorations, bridesmaid dresses and even your thank you cards to friends and family following your wedding day!

Vintage signs are also very popular and can follow a font theme beautifully, choose something bold like Rockwell or a stencil font that would stand out on your event signs! A cute way to welcome your guests – be sure to follow this through onto your wedding favours and personalised gifts.

Here are our wedding stubby holder suggestions to suit this wedding colour theme:

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: WED-THEME-005[bohemian]

wedding stubby holders

Design Reference: WED-THEME-016[Vintage]

Happy Planning

Colour Themes For Your Wedding 2013 / 2014 …

If you are in the midst of your wedding planning and organising everything yourselves its likely that you will have seen so many fantastic ideas that you will probably have changed your wedding colours over and over! Here at Coolaz we understand that colours and trends change almost every week and certainly update across the seasons. It is so hard to keep abreast of fashion these days and a lot of brides struggle to find that something special, personalised and unique for their big day!

By putting together a series of wedding colour combinations our aim is to help you decide on your favourite blends and to assist you with putting together some ideas for your wedding stationery, bomboniere, venue decorations, accessories, bridal wear and more! These wedding colour combinations are our personal selection and some favourites from colour schemes we have stumble upon recently.

wedding colour trends

Here are a couple of the latest wedding colour trends gaining some real mileage in the wedding industry this year…

Yellow, Dark Grey & Silver

A subtle combination of colours ideal for a modern spring or summer wedding! This blend of colours can be incorporated into your wedding in so many ways, a simple bridal sash or belt around your wedding dress in a colour to match your bridesmaid dresses is the perfect way to introduce one of these three shades on the day.

Yellow Dark Grey Silver Wedding Stubby Holders

Don’t forget that you can bring this colour scheme for your wedding in at the very beginning of your wedding planning – from your save the dates, wedding invitations through to your wedding favours and table decorations! A really popular design style at the moment is the zig-zag chevron wedding design, you can see this in the cute bridesmaid bags above and in the ideas below.

Yellow and Grey wedding stubby holder designs:

DP15571 Yellow Chevron Wedding Stubby Holders

DP15571 Yellow Chevron Wedding Stubby Holder [V1]

DP2303 Yellow Cartoon Wedding Stubby Holder

DP2303 Yellow Cartoon Wedding Stubby Holder

DP10272 Yellow and Grey Wedding Stubby Holders

DP10272 Yellow and Grey Wedding Stubby Holder

Navy, Red and White.
Navy Red White Wedding Stubby Holders

Whether you have a European – French theme or are sporting the colours of you nation’s flag, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America all incorporate this striking colour combination!

For your wedding you could choose bridesmaid dresses that are navy and then mixed flowers or solid wedding bouquets of white or red roses. When setting out your wedding venue something as striking as red chairs around the tables and navy blue napkins on a white table cloth will give a gorgeous look to your wedding decorations! Maybe you will sneak a pair of blue high heals under your wedding dress!

Here are our wedding stubby holder suggestions:

Retro-THEME-001 Wedding Stubby Holders

Retro-THEME-001 Wedding Stubby Holder

DP15346 Wedding Stubby Holder

DP15346 Love Heart Wedding Stubby Holder

DP14311  Wedding Stubby Holders

DP14311 UK vs AUS Wedding Stubby Holders

Black, Green & White

This gorgeous wedding theme can be used across your stationery, decorations and bridal wear to give a wonderful feel of sophistication to your special day. Have the groom and groomsman looking dapper in a soft black suit with a white shirt, green tie and buttonhole to match!

Black Pale Green White Wedding Stubby Holders

Make sure that you have a hint of green in your wedding accessories, or certainly in the dresses for the bridesmaids anyway. You could have the girls wearing black dresses with green and white wedding sash or belt to break it up, or perhaps you have the perfect green dress in mind and will use the reverse with a black sash.

You could add some colour throughout the planning stages of your wedding and introduce the wedding theme into your white wedding cake by using green ribbon and appropriately coloured cake toppers along with suitably designed invitations, stickers, other stationery and continue each theme throughout your wedding decorations and bonbonniere.

Black, white and green wedding stubby holder designs:

DP12712 Black and Olive Demask-esque Wedding Stubby Holders

DP12712 Black and Olive Demask-esque Wedding Stubby Holder

DP8333 Green Bird Cage Wedding Stubby Holder

DP8333 Green Bird Cage Wedding Stubby Holder

WED-FORM031 Pastel Stripes Wedding Stubby Holders

WED-FORM031 Pastel Stripes Wedding Stubby Holders

Happy Planning!

Fundraising Ideas for Kindergartens and Schools

The 21st of April each year sees the celebration of Kindergarten Day, this is the birthday of Friedrich Froebe who started the very first kindergarten in 1837, in Germany. Kindergarten in German literally translates as ‘Children’s Garden’ and is a pre-school educational institution designed for the early childhood process. His goal was that children should be taken care of and nourished like plants in a garden.

kindergarten outdoor

In each state of Australia, kindergarten (frequently referred to as ‘kinder’ or ‘kindy’) means something slightly different. In TAS, NSW and ACT, it is the first year of primary school. In Victoria, it may be referred to as preschool or kindergarten. In QLD, kindergarten is usually an institution for children around the age of 4 and is prior to preschool and in WA, SA or the NT is referred to respectively as pre-primary, reception or transition! You would think it would be easier to call it the same across the country!

personalised artwork handprint

Most kindergartens and schools will have funding schemes set up by their local governments to help with the centre’s resources, materials and day to day running, however, sometimes this just isn’t quite enough.

Fundraising initiatives are often developed by staff within a centre and are great for targeting areas that need a little extra cash, we can be sure to help you with some Fundraising Ideas!

School & Charity Events

Looking to raise some extra cash for your kindergarten, school or club then be sure to publicise your event on the products that you choose! Perhaps you are having a fun-run or walk-a-thon for a local charity, a school fete or an evening function as a fundraiser to help gain extra school equipment. Our drink holders can be great for any of these events as a giveaway, part of a show-bag or for sale on the day. You can simply send through the event details, your logo and and design ideas and we will aim to create the perfect merchandise to help you raise those much needed funds.

fundraising ideas

Fundraise with Personalised Gifts

Great for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Australia day, Easter, Christmas, New Years and much more! You can then create the perfect gift for that someone special to suit your chosen occasion. Whichever event you choose there are several options available in terms of the design process and with some great unit prices these can make a great little fundraiser too:

– Create your own artwork.

own artwork stubby holders

own artwork stubby holders

We can provide a blank template onto which your group or individual child can paint, draw or sketch their very own piece of art! It could be a self-portrait, handprint, simple drawing or elaborate design. Each piece of art can then be scanned by us and made into your very own cooler – a fantastic and long lasting gift idea for any occasion!

– Use a Coolaz design template.

fathers day stubby holders
fathers day stubby holders

Choose from a selection of our ready-to-go design templates, you can simply send us a list of student names so that each item is personalised with a “Love from name greeting”, you can also supply individual photographs or a team photograph to be included for a really personal touch.

– Blank canvas.

blank plain white stubby holders

Get in touch to ask us about purchasing plain white blank stubby holders, slightly different from Coolaz coolers, these are ready-to-go, sewn coolers with a base. They make a great canvas for kids to draw onto – You could use fabric paints, permanent pens and even iron on transfers (supervised of course) to create a fantastic gift for that someone special. We have no minimum order quantity and you can call 03 5976 8600 or email us coolaz@coolaz.com.au to find out prices and more information.

Merchandise for your School, Teams and Clubs.

Printed items as merchandise for your school or club can make a great marketing tool. Include your school crest, motto & mission statement or your sports logo, class list or group photo along with your design preferences or uniform colours to get the most from your products.

water bottle coolers

We can even print individual student names onto each cooler so that you can easily identify your own soft drink can, or water bottle, works great for staff members too. This can also be a great idea for personalised student mouse pads, maybe they can be used for reserving a space in the computer room or library.

If you are interested in any of our products for your school merchandise or fundraising events then please do get in touch. You can simply email through your requirements and our experienced team will create a design to suit your needs.

Contact us 03 5976 8600 or email coolaz@coolaz.com.au