What and When Is Schoolies?

Schoolies or School Leavers are the graduating class of that school year and Schoolies Week is a three week festival celebrating the graduation of Year 12 school leavers across the entire Australian nation. These celebrations have been running for 30 years or so and kicks off each year after the students have graduated, for 2012 this all gets going from Saturday 17 November.

This three week celebration is traditionally divided up by state so that each week is a separate party for your own area, Queensland will usually start the proceedings and get things fired up for the remaining 2 weeks.

This tradition is considered as a rite of passage for all Australian students, after 12 years of institutional routines, rules and restrictions it is time to transition into ‘the real world’, this week of fun, partying, celebrating with school-long friends and making new ones is designed as a release to celebrate the end of an era and mark the start of new things to come. Traditionally, all students will make their first run down the beach at the beginning of the week and dive into the surf – this is said to represent a leap for freedom!

You may have also hear the terms ‘Foolies’ and ‘Toolies’ the first refers to a younger generation, often local kids that simply want to join in with the celebrations and the latter term refers to older tourists that often go in sear of trouble at this time of year – when they use the term ’tool’ this is slang for idiot, many of which will be school leavers from a previous year that still want to party, unfortunately this has been known to find many clashes of interest!

When planning your week of celebrations there are heaps of locations that you can go to for schoolies week with most students flocking to the Gold Coast as the most popular choice – with attractions like Dream World, Wet n Wild, Movie World and much more this really is an adventure playground. You can also head for the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach or Lorne where you will find a huge variety of Schoolies venues and accommodation to suit the vibe you’re looking for!

As prices for overseas travel has over the years become more affordable, one of the latest trends is to pack you and your friends off to Bali for the ultimate celebration; you can grab yourself a package deal that includes your flights, accommodation, transfers and heaps of extra party goods!

There are special organisations that put together these celebration packages for you so that you can rest assured that everything will be prearranged and go smoothly once you arrive at your destination. There is always a clear focus on safety, with nationally recognised support networks set up and local governments on board to provide useful information and a visible presence of law enforcement and security officials will help to keep the fun on track and trouble at bay.

With all that aside this is set to be one of the most exciting weeks of your life and one that you and your friends should remember for a very long time. Lots of small groups will club together to create a unique set of gifts to help celebrate, choose customisable items that you can design yourselves – you could include a map or photographs of where you are going, an itinerary list of the week’s events and even your individual names for identification!

Make sure you get some personalised stubby holders to keep your drinks cool too, be sure to check out Coolaz coolers for this as they specialise in small numbers and unique designs which is perfect for you and your friends at this type of event!

Happy Schoolies 🙂


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