31st August 2012 – Eat Outside Day!

The last day of August is monumental in most countries … it celebrates the end of the warmer days in most parts of Europe and the USA and marks the start of spring and the beginning of warmer weather in the Southern hemisphere!!

So whatever the season change is for you clean up your BBQ and invite your friends over to cook up some culinary delights on this very special day! Relish in the sunshine, kick back relax and enjoy something delicious – outside! Don’t forget this is a come rain or come shine event so pack plenty of umbrellas or choose a venue with some shelter if the weather is not so good.

Grab yourself a picnic basket and fill it full of all the things you love – head to your local park or playground for some food and Frisbee! Or for a casual beach celebration ask everyone to bring some BBQ meat and beer on ice and rendezvous at your favourite outdoor beachside barbeque… Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen!

What about a tailgate party?! Pull up your car with a bunch of mates, open up the boot or trunk (or tailgate) where you will have an icebox full of drinks and barbie food – perfect if you are going to a footy game or sports event and can meet in the carpark! Don’t forget to organise your Coolaz stubby holders to keep your drinkk cool on the day – these can be designed to match your team colours, party theme or have individual names on to identify each drink!

Maybe you are stuck at work on 31st August this year, if so then make sure you pack yourself a little snack and spend your morning break or lunchtime outdoors, even if you have to wheel your office chair into the carpark to make the most of the weather and take part in Eat Outside Day 2012!


About CoolazDesign
Coolaz stubby holders are a new design of stubby holder like nothing you will have seen before and are ideal for weddings, buck nights, hen nights and as a memento for parties and special occasions. Designed to fit cans, stubbies and premium beer 330ml bottles as standard, with the option to fit 250ml slim bottles. Coolaz stubby holders use reclosable fasteners to turn the flat cooler into a cylinder.

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